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B-Lock is an original puzzle designed by Boaz Feldman. It’s a two stage puzzle lock with a cleaver and unique solution. Shipping cost will be calculated at the end of ...

Corrie12 (17 )

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Lunatic lock

This puzzle lock was originally designed by Gary Foshee. The commonly seen one (this one included) was mass produced by bits&pieces. They had some slight differences but ...

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Haleslock 2

Haleslock 2 by Shane Hales. I will calculate shipping after the auction is closed and add it to the final cost. Venmo is my preferred method of payment but PayPal is fin...

Corrie12 (17 )

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Lunatic Lock

I've had a bunch of lunatic locks pass through my hands, and this one was the cleanest and nicest, so I kept it for a long time (it is my last).Designer: Gary Foshee...

monopoles (47 )

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Plant Cycle - Christian Cormier

Plant Cycle - Christian Cormier. Good condition. Supplied with original reset tool. Number #021 Winning Buyer to cover postage and PayPal fees to be confirmed at aucti...

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