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From"HexTrios is a collaborative effort between collector Matt Dawson and Eric Fuller. Matt's original design was named Ambidextrous HexDuo...

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Three Wise Bolts sequential discovery by Brian Young

The 3 Wise Bolts puzzle was released July 2018. 330 made. Sold out December 2018  An original design by Brian Young made at Mr Puzzle   The puzzle is in ...

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Houdini’s Torture Cell sequential discovery puzzle by Brian Young

This is the puzzle I originally made for the IPP31 Puzzle Exchange in Berlin, Germany. August 2011.  282 were made. An original design by Brian Young. Made by Mr ...

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ages Sequential Discovery Burr Puzzle by Brian Young

Released October 2019. 200 made. Sold out November 2019  An original design by Brian Young. Made at Mr Puzzle Australia.   The puzzle has never been play...

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Mystery Trapper

This Unique Puzzle is a SD puzzle box. This trap has with roughly 60 moves from beginning to end. With Three layers! What trap will you find yourself in? And what will yo...

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