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From"HexTrios is a collaborative effort between collector Matt Dawson and Eric Fuller. Matt's original design was named Ambidextrous HexDuo...

univ3rse (4 )

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Jewel Thief - Jon Keegan

Jewel Thief By Jon  Keegan. Aluminium and Brass sequential discovery puzzle. Good condition with original box.61/100Winning Buyer to cover shipping and PayPal fees. To b...

Jm26rob (8 )

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Big Ben

Big Ben is a very good sequential discovery puzzle with tools to discovered and used to solve. When you play with this puzzle, you'll see many clever "Aha!"...

First123 (52 )

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Limited SDBBB

Juno’s highly sought after Sequential Discovery puzzle. This puzzle is in excellent condition. Only 40 limited copies were made but not to be missed for the clever solv...

First123 (52 )

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