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"Epic" (A new twist on an old classic!)

Epic by Rademic Puzzles.This isn't your standard Hedgehog in a cage puzzle... there's something else going on here! ;)(Click the link below for the original product page....

josiah1221 (84 )

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"Traffic Light" SD puzzle box

Traffic Light by CreativeWorkshopCA.This is a really cool 3D printed SD puzzle box that not only has a cool theme but also some very cool mechanisms! One in particular th...

josiah1221 (84 )

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"Lock In Pin" SD coin release puzzle

Lock In Pin by Tyler Williams of BeardswoodshopCo.A very cool SD coin release puzzle with a neat and unique mechanism that I hadn't seen done before! This is the original...

josiah1221 (84 )

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Bolt Action

Bolt Action SD Puzzle By Alan Lunsford This is by far my favorite puzzle by Alan Lunsford. It is mind blowing to see all the internal mechanisms at work and how much th...

Corrie12 (56 )

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Ansel Rainbow - Brandon Wolf

Ansel is a camera-themed lightly sequential discovery puzzle, named after the renowned landscape photographer Ansel Adams. The goal of the puzzle is quite simple: fully o...

shacker7 (5 )

1 bid  

Hip Flask

Hip Flask by Felix Ure, in pristine condition and in original packaging. Solved once. ·         Payment can be made through PayPal or Wise. Please note, you ...

Trapper_1 (3 )


Pachinko Box by Wil Strijbos

Up for auction is a Pachinko Box by Wil Strijbos.  This puzzle has only been solved twice and has some minimal scratching due to wear and tear.   The goal of this puzz...

darfoo (1 )

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Piano Puzzle Box

The buyer will be responsible for the cost of shipping, which will be calculated at the end of the auction. Puzzle description copied from MrPuzzle:"If you tickle th...

maab99 (1 )

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A plugged well by Brian Young

Please read full listing before biddingI'm selling A plugged well by Brian Young.A sequential discovery puzzle made for IPP32 the object is to find the barrel of oil.I've...

tuco81 (5 )

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Portal by Dee Dixon (DEDwood Crafts) - please read description*

"Portal" designed and beautifully made by Dee Dixon of DEDwood Crafts. This is the nice version made of Monkeypod, striped African Mah...

AJK (52 )

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Multi-Ball by Eric Fuller

This is Multi-Ball by Eric Fuller.  The goal is to open the box!  The spacing between the sides and the back is ever so slightly off but the puzzle was received like th...

darfoo (1 )

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Pachinko by Wil Strijbos

Pachinko Wil Strijbos Like new, never fixed, no scratches.

koskos (10 )

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ResQ by Eric Fuller/Frederic Boucher

For sale is ResQ designed by Eric Fuller and Frederic Boucher. Produced by Cubic Dissection. This is the mixed woods variant. Actual shipping from the United States to be...

Rebel-Yell (24 )

17 bids  

Dabbit Invasion by NothingYetDesigns

For sale is Dabbit Invasion by Tye Stahly (NothingYetDesigns) and Haym Hirsh. This is puzzle #10. Actual shipping from the United States to be calculated after auction en...

Rebel-Yell (24 )

10 bids  

Trick Lock Set 2015-2018 by Louis Coolen

For sale is the set of 4 trick locks (2015,2016,2017,2018) designed by Louis Coolen. Actual shipping from the United States to be calculated after auction ends. 

Rebel-Yell (24 )

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