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3P Box by Kyle Chester-Marsden

3P Box by Kyle Chester-MarsdenCrafted & Produced by Potentially Perplexing PuzzlesTake up the challenge and find the 3P!Incredibly challenging and satisfying puzzle b...

PuzzleUpAbove (1 )

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Walters Radio - Dee Dixon

One of my absolute favorite SD puzzles of all time - it pains me to let it go but I dont keep much wood around and I need to recoup some money after some unexpected car m...

RyanSinatra (142 )

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BBBB - Brians Big Baffling Bolt

I had some unexpected car maintenance work done, so I'm selling a few puzzles that I've solved and no longer need to keep.Solved twice, in great condition. As is usual wi...

RyanSinatra (142 )

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The Wand That Lies Within Prototype from Rob Yargers Apothecary Chest

Hi Folks,I found a prototype sitting on the shelf without a home and I am looking to head to Texas, and just maybe this can be a mutually fun exchange!This design was bui...

Kel Snake (26 )

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Billiar Cristian Cormier

Christian Cormier's follow-up to Plant Cycle increases the difficulty with this beautiful metal puzzle; designed to resemble a billiard table, the goal is to discover a...

koskos (20 )

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The Sweet Lock Christian Cormier

Limited Edition.  It was designed and made by Chris Cormier maker of “Billard”  “Father and son dual keys” and “Plant cycle”020/100Buyer to pay all shipping...

koskos (20 )

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Simple Lock 2

Simple Lock 2 from Simple Puzzle.   This is one of the first 50 to be released, so it is engraved with a unique serial number. I am the original owner, sol...

Aldan (12 )

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First Box by Wil Strijbos

First Box by Wil StrijbosPurchased new and only solved a handful of times.  In great shape - basically like new.  Payment in full prior to shipping. PayPal, Venmo, or Z...

Johnnydiaco (6 )

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Vertigo - Quizbrix

Selling my copy of Vertigo a lego SD puzzle box by Quizbrix with more than 20+ steps to solve.The goal is to find and get the Golden Bar inside the puzzle. You will be am...

shacker7 (97 )


Free Me 5 (Metal)

Free Me 5 is a high quality aluminum "free the coin" puzzle.  It was originally designed in wood as part of a series called "Free Me" by Joseph Turn...

Wonderboy (6 )

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Idiot Box by Tyler Williams

Idiot box is an SD puzzle that requires multiple steps and tools to be found to discover both antennas and place them on top of the TV.Personally one of my favorite from ...

Wonderboy (6 )

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35mm by Tyler Williams

35mm is inspired by an older camera. There are about 10 steps to get to your goal and find the photograph.Buyer pays shipping, calculated after auctionPayment via paypal

Wonderboy (6 )

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Houdini Torture Cell

Puzzle is to get Houdini out of the Torture cell. With original instructions card. Solution available upon request.IPP-31 exchange puzzle from Brian Young. Puzzle is in p...

jk2271 (29 )

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Walter’s Radio - Dee Dixon

Excellent condition and functions perfectly. I’m only selling because I obtained a altewood version of the puzzle. PPFF please. Please wait for invoice with shipping b...

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Barasoain, Brand New

Brand New w/o wrap. A level 6 free the coin sequential discovery puzzles (meaning you will remove pieces that may have to be re-used as tools).Price includes shipping wi...

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PoopLock P1 by Reindeer Poop (aka Mickael From Beats and Pieces)

This is a sequential discovery, puzzle lock & puzzle box. This is number 4 of a very limited run of 50 copies. Mickael did a fantastic job on the mechanics and the bu...

chuck_stones (59 )

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Free Me 9 by Joseph Turner

This is an amazing Sequential Discovery puzzle that has many steps and tools with the objective of freeing the 3 coins from the beautifully made wooden frame.Truly great ...

mq1982 (149 )

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Overtime Puzzle Box 2

Up for sale is my Overtime Puzzle Box 2 which apparently contains an additional step from the first version. Not the most challenging puzzle out there, but a fun puzzle ...

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Monoblock Puzzle Lock

This is Monoblock by Sashko Peshevski A Beafy puzzle lock which will satisfy the puzzle lock itch and look great as part of your collection.  This is a  hefty and heav...

Masterpiece (18 )

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Dwemer Puzzle box by Stickman (Robert Yarger)

Rare puzzle box designed and made by the great Robert Yarger AKA Stickman ! Only 60 copies were created.  From Stickman description: Stickman Dwemer Construct Puzzleb...

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