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Inelegant Soma and Somama by Haym Hirsh

These are 2 fantastic puzzles designed by Haym Hirsh and crafted by Wood Wonders.  Listing them below retail and adding in a bonus stand for inelegant soma as well.Inele...

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Diagonal Cube (STC-58) by Tom Lensch

Diagonal Cube (STC-58)designed by Stewart Coffincrafted by Tom Lenschcondition: no damage, great cuts, no gaps, kept in a cabinetmaterials: beautifully aged Bloodwood and...

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Tamás Vanyó115 mm x 100 mm x 130 mmMaterial: Elm Shipping to be paid by Buyer.Please contact if you require further information.

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Edge Beveled Cube Set - Mixed Exotics

This is the edge beveled cube set by wood wonders.Great woods used, and I have the BT file for it so you can design your own shapes with the pieces.Please wait for shippi...

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11 Twisted Sisters - Tzy Hung Chein, WoodWonders

11 Twisted Sisters, designed by Tzy Hung Chein, made by Wood Wonders in 2017. Mixed woods. The goal of the puzzle is to take any two pieces of the three and create a symm...

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Devil's Half Dove'n - Pavel Curtis/Strickland

Devil's Half Dove'n, design by Pavel Curtis and made by Steve Strickland (Puzzlecraft) in 2003 for IPP23. Argentine Walnut. (note; Puzzlecraft is no longer in business). ...

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KEN IRVINEShipping to be paid by Buyer.Please contact if you require further information.

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Lil Pack by Frederic Boucher

This wonderful puzzle by Frederic Boucher and superbly produced by Nothing Yet Designs (currently sold out) is a fantastic challenge for puzzlers of all abilities. Mint c...

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Uri Three Bars - Dario Uri

Selling 'Uri three bars' a Burr puzzle designed by 'Dario Uri' and made by 'Cubicdissection'.Description from maker:Uri Three Bars is an unusual and beautiful interlockin...

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3M Hectix Crystal - Limited Executive Edition - RARE

Hard to find clear/transparent version of Hectix. Shell has some wear, puzzle is in excellent condition. Buyer to pay actual shipping. International shipping outside of ...

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ZIPPER by Iwahiro

Description:Two challenges:Close one of the two color zippers completelyClose all the zippers completelyPayment : PayPal (F&F preferred or fees to be paid by buyer)....

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Lattice - PM

Made of sturdy blue anodized metal, the Lattice Puzzle is made up of 8 interlocking pieces. This brawny puzzle is surely a handful, quite literally of course, but also ...

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Heart Box by Mowens ❤️

HEART BOX❤️❤️❤️! 0 glue, 17 parts, and ~30 moves to open! Its like half assemble/disassemble and once assembled, an sequential discovery.The puzzle will come...

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NKD Architecto Kit

DescriptionThis is the unopened architecto kit from NKD. I have never opened the kit and hence it will be shiped as it is. If there is anything wrong inside, you'll have ...

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T Burr interlocking puzzle from IPP29 made by Brian Young (Mr. Puzzle)

Here is my IPP 29 exchange puzzle designed by myself and Brian Young (Mr. Puzzle).  I have known Brian for many years as we live close to each other and he introduced m...

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Jerry Loo Puzzles (Dirty Dozen, Partition, Prototypes)

I'm listing some of the final pieces in my collection. With the aluminum variants available at a much cheaper price, these puzzles will likely only interest a collecto...

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