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First Cross by Wil Strijbos

First Cross by Wil StrijbosPurchased new and only solved a handful of times.  In great shape - basically like new.  Payment in full prior to shipping. Buyer pays shipp...

Johnnydiaco (1 )

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Fisherman’s Wish - Kakuda

Selling this amazing copy in perfect condition of Fisherman’s wish. The puzzle was almost $1100usd direct from Karakuri. This puzzle has some really cool detail. Here i...

Mpcrowell (130 )

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Nazca Puzzle Box

Description:Nazca is an extraordinary 3D printed puzzle box that combines intricate design, creativity, and an element of mystery. Inspired by the ancient Nazca Lines of ...

Nonax (9 )


Cassiopeia Puzzle Box (by Akio Kamei of KCG)

Like-new condition. Solved gently & kept in a safe, smoke-free & humidity controlled home.   ***BUYER to pay for shipping costs - $15 USA / $30 International....

JSTL6789 (93 )

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First Box by Wil Strijbos

First Box by Wil StrijbosPurchased new and only solved a handful of times.  In great shape - basically like new.  Payment in full prior to shipping. Buyer pays shippin...

Johnnydiaco (1 )

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C3 by Cheat3 - sequential discovery puzzle box

Up for sale is the awesome C3 by Cheat3 puzzles. This is a challenging and excellent puzzle. The objective is to find the cash and you will need to find some tools to he...

chuck_stones (46 )

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Super Cubi by Hiroshi Iwahara

This one needs no introduction. Everyone's favorite n-ary puzzle box by Karakuri.This is the smaller remake of original RF-4, measuring 7.7 CM cube and made in gorgeous Z...

username (72 )

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The Core puzzle by Creative Workshop

Description:The CORE is an Escape Room style Sequential Discovery Puzzle Box. The CORE is a VERY challenging puzzle, follow the storyline and the clues/tips provided to d...

Nonax (9 )


Menace !!!

Menace - by Dee Dixon - dedwoodcrafts - solver condition - black limba wood - this SD box is absolutely wild, one of the best Dee has made. one of my favorites. All my p...

Usher (42 )

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Barrel Cooper's Puzzle Box

This puzzle box design is deceptively difficult!  The objective is to locate the solution plaque and restore it to the top of the barrel to display mastery over this fie...

syko159 (8 )

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Tamate Box - KCG

Like new condition.Come with original box. Please wait for shipping before paying. PP FF

traviscote (12 )

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Aha box - who can open it without surprise?

I'm selling my Aha puzzle box.Small Box Two - "Aha Box" This design was Allan Boardman's IPP exchange puzzle in 2004. He describes it as "Designed to lure...

allatka (2 )

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I am home - karakuri puzzle box

"After a busy day, I rush home to return to my house. I open the door and go inside. I'm home. What is waiting inside?"I'm selling my puzzle box designed and ma...

allatka (2 )

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Quaternary Box, Karakuri

Karakuri Quaternary Box. A fun and beautiful puzzle box in pristine condition. Solved once.·         Payment can be made through PayPal.·         Ship...

Trapper_1 (23 )


EDOG 2.0 by Kel Snache (Bloodwood)

This is an exotic wood variant of Kel's EDOG 2.0 in Bloodwood. Starting the listing at cost.Check out Boxes and Booze's review here:

Kwaszak (78 )


Card Case by Juno

Hello,I want to sell Card Case which was designed and crafted by Junichi Yananose(JUNO).The goal is to open the box.Shipping can be combined if you are winning more than...

P0diceps (34 )

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Akio Kamei - Christmas Present 2023

This puzzle is Akio Kamei’s contribution to the Karakuri 2023 Christmas presents. I loved the solution for this one, and the inner mechanisms are truly baffling!Payment...

jefflitty (11 )

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Box of Branch and Loophole - Hiroshi Iwahara

This puzzle box was Iwahara’s 2023 Christmas present. One of my favorite Karakuri boxes to date, this puzzle is absolutely beautiful, and the solution is fun and engagi...

jefflitty (11 )

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Improved Cam Box (2019)

Improved Cam Box, made by CubicDissection in 2019 and limited to 140 copies. An update to Cam Box from 2008.More information here:

bucketon (28 )

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Side Swiper (#12)

Side Swiper (#12) designed and crafted by Ryan Hughbanks of HughbanksPuzzleBoxes.Oh man, where to begin... This is an awesome 18+ step SD puzzle box! I had an absolute bl...

josiah1221 (157 )

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