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The Push Box #1

I am making available the Push Box Puzzle that was offered at IPP34 as part of Simon Nightingale's puzzle exchange.but it does not extend fully. I will carefully wr...

100.00 GBP
daveyh (4 )

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Viking box

Move around the metal balls using sliding parts as well as wheels/knobs. Placing them into the right position In order to remove the lid. The box has slight wear that na...

80.00 USD
Boehler (0)

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Karakuri New Secret Box I,II, and III

Japanese Karakuri new secret puzzle boxes I,II, and III

145.00 USD
Corrie12 (1 )

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Escalating box ( Eric Fuller)

The idea for the Escalating Box came from a couple of different mechanisms I'd been fooling around with. I was going to release them as two fairly simple separate bo...

275.00 USD
REV (0)

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Pentagon Puzzle Box

The Pentagon box was originally designed by Akio Kamei, this version is a reproduction made by Bits And Pieces.Condition : very good condition.Note, I'm offering it ...

225.00 USD
lumius (35 )

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Improved Cam Box (Eric Fuller)

Originally released in 2008 with very low quantities, the Improved Cam Box redesigns the concept with a much trickier solution. At first, it appears to be a traditional s...

220.00 GBP
Arsenal (15 )


Push Box 3 (Simon Nightingale)

Hello,This is a puzzle box, designed and made by Simon Nightingale for IPP 37 in Paris.The objective is open the box, then close it.The puzzle is made of corian.I will wr...

310.00 GBP
Arsenal (15 )