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Penny pincher

2nd in the collection, good condition.Very enjoyable, need funds for other puzzlesShipping fees calculated at end of auction.Any question, message me.

Lplayer (6 )

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NOB 7 Puzzle Hikimi Puzzland Pack

7 puzzles from the Puzzland Hikimi Puzzle CollectionPuzzland Hikimi set of 7 tray puzzles designed by Nob Yoshigahara, 7 puzzles total, all original, new in box, made in ...

metagrobology (83 )

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Mecanigma Puzzle Box

The Mecanigma Puzzle Box!A steampunk inspired box that has an incredibly satisfying solution but is one of the most amazing looking puzzles to add to one's collection. T...

Prete001 (0)

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Tiger Triple Teaser Sliding Block Puzzle Set

Tiger Triple Teaser Sliding Block Puzzle SetWayne Daniel crafted this beautiful sliding puzzle set in 1999 as an exchange puzzle for IPP19 in London.From the original pac...

metagrobology (83 )

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The SunDial Box by Jesse Born

Up for auction is the Jesse Born SunDial Puzzle Box!The crafter describes this amazing work in the following manner, "The SunDial puzzle box is the Sequel to the Sea...

Mike16 (19 )

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Bounce Force by Tyler Williams at BeardsWoodShop

I got this puzzle recently and it simply had me stumped, I decided I needed to see the internals so promptly removed the outer pieces to reveal its inner workings.  I t...

Canuck (94 )

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Multi-Ball by Eric Fuller

This is Multi-Ball by Eric Fuller.  The goal is to open the box!  The spacing between the sides and the back is ever so slightly off but the puzzle was received like th...

darfoo (1 )

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