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Unstable Eggs series 1

CoreMods fan favorite is a selection of eggs that all have various tricks to getting them balanced.This is the very first series.(Do not put near magnets)Please use Frien...

LokIKross (71 )

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Alles Roger

Alles Roger or "All Roger" in English, is a puzzle by the infamous "Roger D".  Roger D is a mysterious puzzle designer from Germany, and his actual i...

MonkeyPuzz (0)

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A:MAZE, is a 3D maze made of laser-cut transparent acrylic.It contains a metal ball of 3mm diameter - seen inside the maze on the top left.Challenge of the puzzle is to ...

abhishekruikar (22 )


Tumblebug by Frank Chambers IPP19 London 1999

Frank Chambers is a prolific puzzle maker. This is the first of my two offerings here. Tumblebug is a fun combination of d3xterity puzzle mixed with a fidget toy. The doc...

MonkeyPuzz (0)

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