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Ghost Cube Mefferts Adam

This collection was my husbands pride and joy. Sadly he passed away at a very young age (38) I am now in the right place to start letting his puzzles go to their new ho...

Blunt87 (79 )

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Stellated Stasis- IPP29 exchange puzzle

Not really a "dexterity" puzzle, more of a "balance" puzzle. Designed by Oskar and Wayne Daniel, made by Wayne Daniel. It's an odd little bit of geome...

jk2271 (48 )

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Titan by Felix Ure , Great Condition

Sphere is made from solid brass and weighs about 500g.Puzzle is very difficult to solve.  Replayability is high as it is difficult to repeat solve.Puzzle is pre-owned an...

cutlass442 (3 )