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Wow - Karakuri Box

Hello,This is the description from the Karakuri website:This was designed for an exhibition with the theme "GO". I thought I might challenge myself to make a fi...

Stevecru (5 )

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Christmas Boots Karakuri Box

Hello,This is the box description from the Karakuri website:This work was designed as a Christmas present for 2020.I made a pretty box with Christmas boots as a motif. Th...

Stevecru (5 )

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Jack in a Box Jesse Born

Jack in a box by Jesse BornThis is a “scratch and dent” version jesse had mentioned in one of his videos. The puzzle is completely solve able and only has minor defec...

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Hiroshi Iwahara - Box with 5 trees - RF-63

This puzzle box was made in 2018 and is made from magnolia and movingui hardwoods. This shimmer on the sides is lovely and cannot be shown in picsAs it is a puzzle box, g...

username (31 )

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“18 Again” by Kel Snake!!

Ah, to be 18 again, to turn back the clock to replay it over again.  This puzzle design mimics that sentiment by being able to reset the combination and hopefully extend...

jsoblander (5 )

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The Mecanigma by NKD is a 15 moves to open, 10 of which are sequential and 5 of which are using 5 dials to set a 5-part combination, which must be devised/intuited by the...

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Pentagon Box (Akio Kamei/Bits Pieces)

This box is a reproduction by Bits Pieces. The mechanism works perfectly fine. However, the lid is a bit tight, because of changing in humidity.Below is the original desc...

Arsenal (42 )


Clown Fish - Tatsuo Miyamoto - Karakuri Club

Hello, I propose the clown fish from Mr Miyamoto out of the Karakuri Club. Like new, in it's original packaging box. Shipping from Belgium, please add 15 euros ...

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