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Banana (CO-14-3)

Banana (CO-14-3) karakuri puzzleboxoriginal design idea by Tomoharu Tanakacrafted by Osamu Kashomaterials: walnut, wendge, Japanese torreya, mizukicondition: as new, with...

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Lighthouse Keeper (KY-48) by Yoh Kakuda

Lighthouse Keeper (KY-48) by Yoh Kakudamaterial: walnut, maple, Japanese walnut, satine, lacquer tree, brasscondition: as new, with original box and solution sheetproduct...

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Balance Scale (MY-32) by Tatsuo Miyamoto

Balance Scale (MY-32) by Tatsuo Miyamotomaterial: walnut, agathis, cherrycondition: as new, with original box and solution sheetproduct page:

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Alcyl by Iwahiro / Wil Strijbos

Alcyl puzzle boxdesigned by Hirokazu Iwasawamade by Wil Strijbosmaterial: anodized aluminummcondition: as newThe puzzle will be shipped from Budapest, Hungary. Shipping c...

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The Mécanigma Steampunk Puzzle Box

The Mécanigma construction set is a 15-movement puzzle box with gears and articulated mechanisms, and it has a combination lock. It is made up of 541 pieces consisting o...

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Escape from Alcatraz

Escape from Alcatrazdesigned by Robrecht LouageThe puzzle was classified as "secret opening box" at IPP33, that's the reason why I choose "Puzzle Boxes&quo...

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6-piece Japanese Board Burr Puzzle Box + small top

crafted by Nisimura Craft

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Tortuous Box Ⅱ (M-2-2) by Akio Kamei

Tortuous Box Ⅱ (M-2-2) puzzle boxby Akio Kameimaterials: oakcondition: as new, comes with original box and solution sheetitem page:

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4 Sun 4 Step Nested MUKU

4 Sun 4 Step Nested MUKU Japanese puzzle boxescondition: vintage puzzle with signs of aging but no visual or functional flaws, comes with the original boxA set of 3 MUKU ...

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Card Case (by Juno)

Like-new condition, comes from a smoke-free home.  Buyer to pay shipping costs - $15 within the USA / $30 international.  Please wait to submit payment until shipping c...

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Karakuri - Digital Numbers, Large Beautiful Karakuri Puzzle Box - Rare!

Karakuri 'Digital Numbers' Puzzle Box - Rare! A fantastic limited edition and very large Karakuri puzzle box. What an impact this makes, it's a very impressive size Kara...

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Line Symmetric Traps Puzzle Box by Hiroshi Iwahara

Line Symmetric Traps was distributed to selected Karakuri members as a Christmas Gift in 2020The exterior of the puzzle measures approximately 87 x 77 x 61 mm and has a s...

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Hollow Burr Box (K-6) by Akio Kamei

Hollow Burr Box (K-6) karakuri puzzleboxby Akio Kamei (in the 1980s)condition: great, it looks and works perfectlyVintage puzzle box made by the legendary Akio Kamei.The ...

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Oliver - SD puzzle box by Mowens

Oliver - Sequential discovery puzzle boxDesigned by MowensOliver is a sequential discovery puzzle box.  There are over 20 moves, with tools and multiple compartments to ...

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The tile 2

Lovely hand made puzzle box, made by eden works , all locally sourced wood , he doest make his puzzles easy to crack ,if you like a challange this should keep you occupie...

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Segmented Maze Benno De Grote

A clever maze that makes a great display piece when solved.It is still currently sold on CD but you can save 50$ getting this one.Please wait for final invoice with shipp...

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Caged Block Box by Bill Sheckels

The large version of the puzzle this is a really unique looking, impossible object, style puzzle box.Please wait for final invoice with shipping before paying.Friends and...

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Oliver the Pig - Sequential Discovery Puzzle Box

Oliver the Pig - Sequential Discovery Puzzle BoxThis is Oliver, a 3D printed, pig themed sequential discovery puzzle box designed by Mowens995.There are 20 individual pie...

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