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Twisters Puzzle Box

Twisters Puzzle Box by Bill Scheckle’s is a very limited production puzzle box! Sold Out! Tolerances are very tight on this one but very doable! No PayPal Fees! Enjoy!D...

StacyS (26 )

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Karakuri Small Box #8 Karakuri Creation Group

Karakuri Small Box #8.  Brand New, Unopened!! With original foil, package and instruction sheet. Size approx: 6x6x6cmYou can see details here;

puzzlotus (132 )

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Baby Whale Karakuri Box Osamu Kasho

Baby Whale Karakuri Box Osamu Kasho. Excellent condition. With original foil, package and instruction.   Discontinued.Size:69×113×50mmYou can see details here;https...

puzzlotus (132 )

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SKYSCRAPERS Osamu Kasho - Karakuri Creation Group

This is the second release version of Skyscrapers by Karakuri craftsman, Osamu Kasho-  No longer in production, & these days very hard to come by. Just a beautiful ...

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CASSIOPEIA Puzzle Box Karakuri Creation Group Akio Kamei

This beautiful puzzle box has a brilliantly conceptual solution. Many have turned their gaze to the stars for answers!!! Cassiopeia constellation and the Polar Star featu...

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Pile of Disks III , Akio Kamei , karakuri xmas 2021

Newly released “PILE OF DISKS III” by master craftsman Akio Kamei, Karakuri Creation Group.This was an exclusive 2021 Karakuri Club Xmas Gift release. Woods used- ma...

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Ticket Japanese Puzzle Box by Tatsuo Miyamoto

This work was designed for an exhibition with the theme of “Story”.Designed in April 2018, this puzzle was available to Karakuri lottery winners.Can be opened in only...

Mike16 (14 )

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Angry Walter Puzzle Box crafted by DEDwood Crafts

Angry Walter is a multi-step sequential discovery puzzle. It's made from roasted curly maple, Peruvian walnut, cherry, and padauk created and crafted by Dee Dixon of DEDw...

Mike16 (14 )

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Tunnel Maker Japanese karakuri Puzzle Box 

This work was designed as a 2019 Karakuri Christmas Present and was a very limited release.The crafter describes this work as "The mole is looking for food.  He is...

Lplayer (0)

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"Present for you" Karakuri Box Shou Sugimoto

"Present for you" Karakuri Box Shou Sugimoto. Excellent condition. With original foil, package and instruction.   Discontinued.Size: 79×79×72mmYou can see...

puzzlotus (132 )

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Where's My Hammer by Dee Dixon

Where’s My Hammer is a favourite amongst collectors. Valued for multiple gorgeous finishing on different wooden tiles and unique mechanism makes the discovery experie...

Javernkan (2 )

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Pentagon Box (Akio Kamei/Bits Pieces)

This box is a reproduction by Bits Pieces. The mechanism works perfectly fine. However, the lid is a bit tight, because of changing in humidity.Below is the original desc...

Arsenal (42 )


Clown Fish - Tatsuo Miyamoto - Karakuri Club

Hello, I propose the clown fish from Mr Miyamoto out of the Karakuri Club. Like new, in it's original packaging box. Shipping from Belgium, please add 15 euros ...

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