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Hexabox by Bruno

This puzzle really surprised me! Not easy and very fun. I really enjoyed it and discovering the path to victory.Bruno says this about the puzzle: Hexabox is a puzzle box...

RyanSinatra (21 )

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Paradox Box - 2022 by Eric Fuller

Part of the CD "small box" series, but this one is quite a bit larger than the others with the new re-make!Full description here:

RyanSinatra (21 )

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Nope Box by Eric Fuller

Part of the CD "Small Box" series, and definitely my favorite of the series.Full description here: ...

RyanSinatra (21 )

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Aha Box by Allan Boardman

Part of the "Small Box" series by Cubic Dissection - goal is to open the box..... but how?Full Description here:

RyanSinatra (21 )

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Flatbox by Durss Puzzle Boxes

A laser cut sequential discovery puzzle with several steps to complete. The goal is to "unlock the tiny drawer to find the key to solve the final step"I truly e...

RyanSinatra (21 )

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Well, well well. Where has buddy gone?! Japanese Secret Puzzle Box by Yasuaki Kikuchi

Well, well, well. Where has buddy gone?!  Japanese Secret Puzzle Box was designed as a Christmas present for 2021. Crafted by Yasuaki Kikuchi, this Karakuri box takes ...

Mike16 (24 )

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Mecanigma Puzzle Box

Mecanigma Puzzle Box produced by NKD Puzzles and hand assembled by myself.Amazing steampunk inspired 15 movement puzzle box (10 physical 5 cryptic). Seamlessly integrated...

Prete001 (0)

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Scriptum Cub Luxe

The Scriptum Cube Luxe VersionGo on a journey with this Greek mythology inspired puzzle box. Following in the footsteps of Theseus can you find your way through the labyr...

Prete001 (0)

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Tunnel Maker - Kakuda

Here is the Karakuri Description:Tunnel MakercraftsmanYoh KakudaITEMKY-46Created11/2019Size(box body)60×68×100mmSize(storage part)36×26×47mmMaterialJapanese walnut, w...

Mpcrowell (37 )

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Up for sale is Slideways puzzle box by DeDWood Crafts. Made from Purple Heart and canarywood. **shipping will be added to the final cost at the end of the auction.

Corrie12 (62 )

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Moonlit Night Japanese Puzzle Box by Hideaki Kawashima

The Moonlit Night Puzzle that was distributed as a Christmas gift to select 2021 Karakuri Members.The crafter describes the puzzle in the following manner, "The moon...

Mike16 (24 )

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