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3P Box by Kyle Chester-Marsden

3P Box by Kyle Chester-MarsdenCrafted & Produced by Potentially Perplexing PuzzlesTake up the challenge and find the 3P!Incredibly challenging and satisfying puzzle b...

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4 Directions - Puzzle Box

4 Directions Puzzle BoxNedeljko WoodworksThe 4 Directions puzzle box is in like new condition. Never solved so far. Following description from the Crafsman:4 Directions i...

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KCG Star Night CH-5-2

KCG Star Night CH-5-2KCG Design Created in 2011 - like new conditionFrom Karakuri Website:"This is one of the new Karakuri series which has new design and simple mec...

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KCG Double Box CH-7

KCG Double Box CH-7Karakuri Design, created 8/2016 (Remake of Akio Kamei's "Double Box" M-47)- Like new conditionFrom Karakuri Website:"This is the remade ...

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The Wand That Lies Within Prototype from Rob Yargers Apothecary Chest

Hi Folks,I found a prototype sitting on the shelf without a home and I am looking to head to Texas, and just maybe this can be a mutually fun exchange!This design was bui...

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SunDial by Jesse Born

The SunDial Puzzle Boxdesigned and built by Jesse Born and Robert Yarger condition: as new, kept in a climate controlled display case, comes with the Certificate of Auth...

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Jewel Thief by Jon Keegan

Jewel Thief by Jon Keegan.  Due to personal circumstances I have to sell some puzzles including Jewel Thief (17/100). It is a great puzzle. I bought it directly from t...

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First Box by Wil Strijbos

First Box by Wil StrijbosPurchased new and only solved a handful of times.  In great shape - basically like new.  Payment in full prior to shipping. PayPal, Venmo, or Z...

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Benno de Grote's UFO Box, a very cool and fun puzzle with a unique theme. This puzzle challenges you to free a farmer and his cow from an alien spaceship.UFO Box comes wi...

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Petit Four Cinnamon Walnut Twist Cake by Perry McDaniel

Description:A very nice little puzzle, very well crafted. Edition of only 200 puzzlesThe puzzle has been tested and works. However, as it's in wood and a precisely made p...

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Coffee Cup - Kamei

Coffee Cup by Akio Kamei, what a beautiful piece.Ships in the original KCG box."When you take a break, do you have coffee?How many lumps of suger would you like?Ther...

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Fibonacci by Jesse Born

#234/600This box (anomaly) was quite the challenge and as the puzzle name implies, it involves a mathematical sequence and is quite the eye catcher. All parts move flawle...

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Hugo The Hippo Juno Puzzle MINT

Purchased as a gift but unfortunately they were not interested. Puzzle is in mint condition and will be packed and shipped in original box, bubble wrap.Buyer to pay fina...

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Quaternary Box, Karakuri

Karakuri Quaternary Box. A fun and beautiful puzzle box in pristine condition. Solved once.·         Payment can be made through PayPal.·         Ship...

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Ninja - KCG

Osamu Kasho Ninja box. Like new condition!PPFF please. Wait for shipping invoice before paying please. 

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Secret Base - KCG

Hiroshi Iwahara Secret Base. Like new condition!PPFF please. Wait for shipping invoice before paying please. 

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Cambridge Labyrinth - IDventure

"iDventure Cluebox Cambridge Labyrinth is a brain teaser puzzle featuring a series of captivating logic challenges that must be solved step by step to unlock the woo...

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9 Layer #1,2,3,4,5 - Craig Lawton

The 9 layer 1,2,3,4 and 5 ! Quite simply, can you figure out how to open it?7.5cm square and fits nicely in the palm of your hand.Has a small compartment inside to keep ...

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Overtime Puzzle Box 2

Up for sale is my Overtime Puzzle Box 2 which apparently contains an additional step from the first version. Not the most challenging puzzle out there, but a fun puzzle ...

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LunchBox by Constantin

This is a rather new item from Jean Claude Constantin, and I think it looks fantastic. I'd keep it, but it's a bit too big to justify keeping on display in my limited sp...

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Koneko - Crayonland

Solved twice in like new condition. Please wait for invoice with shipping before paying. PPFF please. 

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Dwemer Puzzle box by Stickman (Robert Yarger)

Rare puzzle box designed and made by the great Robert Yarger AKA Stickman ! Only 60 copies were created.  From Stickman description: Stickman Dwemer Construct Puzzleb...

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Tricolor Box - Iwahara

Another name is "combination drawer". There are three moving boards, each with colors in different order. Open it by using the combinations of colors. The drawe...

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Karakuri Small Box: Block-C and Creature-P

Quality workmanship makes the secret very hard to find!  Once you know the trick, it is very simple.  There is a small creature inside the box, which was hand made by ...

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Don t break the bank

Don't break the bankKept in 40-50% humidity and out of direct sunlight, in an animal free and smoke free area.Payment via PayPal (only Friends and Family), Wise or bank t...

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RHB 2.0

Description:Nice SD box, several steps. Good quality. Designed and made by Doog Menzies.Perfect condition: no damage, working smoothly (no force needed)Payment : PayPal (...

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Lunar Lighthouse

Lunar Lighthouse designed by Joseph Kovell is a fun moderate difficulty 3D-printed puzzle. This version is made by Puzzle Master and comes with the puzzle card. Puzzle ha...

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