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The Mecanigma Steampunk Puzzle Box

Mecanigma Puzzle Box produced by NKD Puzzles and hand assembled by myself.Amazing steampunk inspired 15 movement puzzle box (10 physical 5 cryptic). Seamlessly integrated...

Prete001 (2 )

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Bad Radio Original

Bad Radio - Akio Kamei - this is from the original run and the colors look different, much more nostalgic. 2011/12Comes with all original packaging and paperwork. Only a...

Usher (11 )

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Art Deco Puzzle Box Clock by Bill Sheckels

Art Deco Puzzle Box Clock by Bill Sheckels. In mint condition, solved once. Stunning piece.·         Payment can be made through PayPal.·         Ship...

Trapper_1 (14 )

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Space Case by Dee Dixon

Space case by Dee Dixon. Due to personal circumstances I have to sell some puzzles including Space Case. This puzzles was directly bought from Dee and is a scratch and d...

Robb8765 (48 )

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Free Me 7 (Joe Turner)

The objective is free the coin.---Shipping: £7 in the UK; £15 in EU; £25 Rest of world.Please use PayPal Friend & Family. Otherwise, please add 5% to the total.

Arsenal (61 )

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Hidden Wealth (Adolf Ledesma) - IPP 20

This was Ledesma's IPP 20 exchange puzzle (about 23 years ago).The objective is to open the box.Nicely looking puzzle. The box is made of abalone shell, which is quite un...

Arsenal (61 )

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Stickman #11, Fulcrum Puzzle Box

Stickman #11, Fulcrum Puzzle Box. Not too difficult, and interesting. If you look closely at the pictures, there is a slight warpage on one end panel, where I show both f...

tomjolly (55 )

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Piano Box

Piano Box designed and crafted by Jean Claude ConstantinI am the original buyer of this great little box and the puzzle is in great condition except for one detail (miss...

Alfonso (48 )

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Turtle Trip by Gerard Hudson - Bayou Puzzles

This is the third puzzle I’ve had that was printed by Gerard and they have all been of excellent quality, here’s an excellent review by Boxes and Booze: https://www....

Canuck (180 )

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Detective Box by Joe Guarini

I’m offering up this really cool puzzle box  by Joe.  I don’t collect puzzleboxes otherwise it would stay in my collection as I rather like it.Here’s a descript...

Canuck (180 )

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Die SD 'Diced' Puzzle Box - X-ray model

Up for sale is this great 3D printed puzzle Die SD. This is, apparently, the x-ray model with the white internal sections and red dot on the 1 side. I don't know much abo...

chuck_stones (35 )

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Crane puzzle box

Up for sale is the Crane puzzle box. I received this as a gift and have no knowledge of it's origin. Googling hasn't turned much up. It's a fun little box with a soluti...

chuck_stones (35 )

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C3 by Cheat3 - sequential discovery puzzle box

Up for sale is the awesome C3 by Cheat3 puzzles. This is a challenging and excellent puzzle. The objective is to find the cash and you will need to find some tools to he...

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Balance Scale Karakuri Box by Tatsuo Miyamoto

Up for sale is an immaculate Balance Scale Karakuri Box by Tatsuo Miyamoto. Solved once and stored in a humidity controlled environment. An absolutely stunning box, with...

chuck_stones (35 )

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Himitsu-Bako 4 step Nested Set 3

NOTE: I have just added the "representative photo" included in the auction I purchased this puzzle from showing what the 3 boxes look like when opened, hope thi...

tkwest (6 )

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Toyo Glass - Pack the Plumbs

This puzzle was made by Toyo Glass in Japan. The objective is packing all the plums into the glass cup.The original box is not available. Actuals shipping cost will be de...

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First Box by William Strijbos

First Box by William Strijbos, purchased directly from Will and is in perfect condition.   Thanks for looking!   Mr. Puzzle’s Description:   Thi...

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Scriptum Cube - NKD

**Relisted to cost of kit and finish**Scriptum Cube by NKDThis puzzle box is my favorite of the NKD puzzle boxes - a perfect 6x6 cube with a great Greek Mythology theme. ...

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