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Loco Lock - Boaz Feldman

Up for auction is my copy of PicoLock by Boaz Feldman.Description from creator: PicoLock is a novel lock puzzle designed by Boaz Feldman. It features a highly unique mec...

scotttheman88 (9 )

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Loco Lock - Boaz Feldman

Up for auction is my copy of Loco by Boaz Feldman.Description from creator: Nothing moves, nothing shakes, no hints!Loco provides almost no clues, making it a bit of a...

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What / How / When Locks

Selling a set of 3 wooden lock puzzles - What, When and How designed and crafter by Beardswoodshop.Puzzles objective is unlock the shackle and requires about 4 - 5 steps ...

shacker7 (88 )


Haleslock 5, "Firestarter"

Haleslock 5 by Shane Hales. A sequential discovery puzzle that is regarded as Shane's best lock. In pristine condition.·         Payment can be made through Pay...

Trapper_1 (35 )


Voidlock - Constantin

This is Jean Claude Constantin's Voidlock puzzle. This is a great puzzle lock with a really fun and satisfying solving process. The puzzle has been solved and reset many ...

jefflitty (21 )

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Loki - Puzzlocks

This is the Loki puzzle lock from Puzzlocks. This is an amazing puzzle lock with an ingenious solution! As my first puzzle lock ever, this really set the bar high for wha...

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T9 Popplock by Rainer Popp

Rainer Popp's description "T9 is an elaborate trick lock with many steps to open. It has a key, and is made from brass and s...

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Sweet Lock - Chris C. Puzzle

This is #91 Sweet Lock crafted and designed by Chris C.Info of the puzzle :Blind Maze / SD / LockDifficulty 10/10 or 80/100Sold outPrice 950 CADLimited edition of 100 all...

Aurelo83 (31 )

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Funlock by Dan Feldman

Solved once. Great Condition.Free Shipping within th U.S. No international Shipping.

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