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Popplock T2

Popplock T2, brassLoved, works perfect, not cleanded (Patina)

Dorothea (0)

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Popplock T8

Popplock T8

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Mini Lock by Christoph Lohe

Mini Lock is a cute little lock burr that I hope no one seriously chooses to use in place of an actual lock. Aside from the fact that it's made of fragile wood instead of...

Xamuel (42 )

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Lunatic Lock - Brass Version (Gary Forshee)

I am selling my Lunatic Lock in a rare brass Version. It's not the original one from Gary, but it's also not the mass produced one. The Lock fully functional. Payment ...

adotsanden (8 )

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B.Lock by Boaz Feldman (IPP Version) - BLOCK - B LOCK - B-LOCK - B. LOCK

B. Lock designed and crafted by Boaz Feldman This is the original IPP version of the puzzle. Including original bag with "B.LOCK print". The brass is curren...

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Rainer Popp Trick Lock #12 - Popplock T12

Popplock T12 designed and crafted by Rainer Popp Unused/unsolved item (in other words like new). Unopened and sealed solution and original box is also included. The bra...

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Lock Out - Andrew Coles

Selling my copy of Lock Out by Andrew Coles, Pristine condition bought in 2022 from Andrew.Here’s Andrew’s description from his website:“Initial inspection of this ...

shacker7 (47 )

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Puzzle Lock Bundle

I'm selling these puzzles locks together as a bundle (All at a bit of a discount). Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have. Only shipping to COTUS - buye...

TheWaveCarver (4 )


Brass Lock'd In

For sale is a Puzzle Master, Grave Raven special edition Brass Lock'd In in Mint Condition. Please feel free to ask any questions. Only looking to ship within COTUS - buy...

TheWaveCarver (4 )


Den Feldman TRIP Lock #337

For sale is a simple but special Dan Feldman lock. This is referred to as a Dan TRIP lock. It's in Mint but not original condition. The mechanics of this puzzle are not o...

TheWaveCarver (4 )