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Excalibur, IPP19 (1999) Exchange Puzzle by Gary Foshee

This is an original puzzle by Gary Foshee, not a redesign. I was laid off from my job this past June and reluctantly have to sell. I wouldn't call this a very difficult ...

Wolfyy7 (20 )

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Bandit by MW Puzzles

This puzzle is in excellent mint condition. Attempted but not solved. A highly rated puzzle that is both fun and challenging. Great for a collector and/or solver. I was l...

Wolfyy7 (20 )

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First Box by Wil Strijbos

First Box by Wil StrijbosPurchased new and only solved a handful of times.  In great shape - basically like new.  Payment in full prior to shipping. PayPal, Venmo, or Z...

Johnnydiaco (6 )

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Lock In Pin by Tyler Williams/BeardswoodshopCo

Lock In Pin designed/crafted by Tyler Williams of BeardswoodshopCo Materials: Zebrawood, Cocobolo and Purpleheart.

tinkarrr (20 )

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Billard by Christian Cormier

Billard designed/crafted by Christian Cormier. Material: Hard anodized CNC aluminum. Sequential Discovery puzzle with 2 stages increasing in difficulty to find t...

tinkarrr (20 )

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Blinded II by Dee Dixon

Blinded II designed/crafted by Dee Dixon. Measures: 3.5” x 5” x 2.5” Material: Canarywood and Purpleheart.

tinkarrr (20 )

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Lock Box Cubic Dissection

Lock Box Cubic DissectionBought new from CD - Never solved - excellent conditionBuyer to pay actual shipping - calculated upon closed auction. I have other auctions acti...

nalpak (30 )

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Pennytentiary Cubic Dissection

Pennytentiary Cubic DissectionNever solved - excellent condition - comes with original boxBuyer to pay actual shipping - calculated upon closed auction. I have other auc...

nalpak (30 )

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First Box! A Classic by W.G.H. Strijbos

Sweet Copy of First Box by  William Strijbos!Solved Once, Like New.From Puzzlemaster:

ahaber1071 (38 )

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BMSD - Award Winning Brass Sequential Discovery

Fresh(ish) back from IPP we are selling a few of, our now award winning, BMSD puzzles here as Steve is still very much in holiday mode and not yet got round to re-activat...

TwoBrassMonkeys (132 )


Dwemer Puzzle box by Stickman (Robert Yarger)

Rare puzzle box designed and made by the great Robert Yarger AKA Stickman ! Only 60 copies were created.  From Stickman description: Stickman Dwemer Construct Puzzleb...

Nonax (21 )

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Jammed Gem by Frederic Boucher and Eric Fuller

Jammed Gem - Frederic Boucher / Eric Fuller. Excellent condition, handled with care.Comes with original paper instruction slip and foil bag. I accept Paypal, and I supp...

Lplayer (45 )

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Selling my copy of BMSD by Two Brass Monkeys. I have to solve and sell due to financial reasons. Here is the description from the designers site. "We made it! Brass ...

pyrojr23 (21 )

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PoopLock P1 by Reindeer Poop (aka Mickael From Beats and Pieces)

The puzzle is pretty challenging with some unique mechanisms and great aha moments along the way! Definitely one of the harder puzzles I've solved lately; puzzle is in e...

chuck_stones (64 )

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Overtime Puzzle Box 2

Up for sale is my Overtime Puzzle Box 2 which apparently contains an additional step from the first version. Not the most challenging puzzle out there, but a fun puzzle ...

chuck_stones (64 )

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Buried Vault

Selling my copy of Buried Vault the latest in the Buried City Saga designed by Micah Sawyer (tacroy). Puzzle in perfect condition solved once.This puzzle captivated m...

shacker7 (102 )

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Haleslock 5, "Firestarter"

Haleslock 5 by Shane Hales. A sequential discovery puzzle that is regarded as Shane's best lock. In pristine condition.·         Payment can be made through Pay...

Trapper_1 (40 )


Lost Vault by Jesse edition

This is a fantastic sequential discovery puzzle box by Jesse Born.Never solved. Limited edition #249/500.Buyer to pay all shipping & packing costs calculated at the e...

koskos (23 )

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The Sweet Lock Christian Cormier

Limited Edition.  It was designed and made by Chris Cormier maker of “Billard”  “Father and son dual keys” and “Plant cycle”020/100Buyer to pay all shipping...

koskos (23 )

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La Candy Box by La FaBrick

La Candy Box By La Fabrick + 1 candy box key ring (not a puzzle)≈About 20 steps ( some are difficult, others are obvious and there are even intermediate levels) +15 seq...

Aurelo83 (36 )