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Kusing 25 (by Rex R Perez)

Excellent puzzle by Rex, considered a favorite by many & in like-new condition.Will ship international. Shipping to be calculated at the end of auction. Please wait f...

JSTL6789 (20 )

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Unsafe Deposit by Alan Lunsford

This is a sequential discovery puzzle that bucks the traditional SD tools for a small, unique coin release challenge. This puzzle is printed seamlessly; All inner mechani...

Chriswpt50 (2 )

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Abraham’s Well SD Puzzle by Brian Young

Abraham’s Well has many separate steps to solve with a level of complexity comparable or surpassing previous multi-step sequential discovery puzzles like the Plugged We...

piramida (15 )

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Bolt Action by Alan Lunsford

Trapped coin mechanical puzzle. This is a small sequential discovery puzzle that packs a punch! Comprised of 29 discrete parts, this puzzle is assembled as it is printed ...

Chriswpt50 (2 )

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The goal of this puzzle is to find the magic eight ball.This is a Sequential discovery puzzle with 2 stages to complete raising in difficulty from step one to last. T...

rj11645 (0)

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