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Free Me 8 - SD

Free Me 8 By Joe Turner This is my favorite of Joes puzzles ( at least of the ones I’ve solved). It’s a SD puzzle Box/ Coin release. Very cool puzzle and lots of fun...

Mpcrowell (51 )

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Angry Walter by Dee Dixon

Angry Walter in like-new condition. PLEASE NOTE: Payment requested via PayPal Friends and Family. from wasn't always angry. He was the world's b...

carlosxtorres (6 )

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Sequential Discovery Cubed Box (SDCB) by Juno

One of Juno's best SD puzzles, in like-new condition. PLEASE NOTE: I am requesting payment via PayPal Friends and Family. From puzzle may be categorized...

carlosxtorres (6 )

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ResQ - Ebony Version

The Ebony version of this challenging but rewarding puzzle! Bought directly from CD, in like-new condition. PLEASE NOTE: I am requesting payment via PayPal Friends and Fa...

carlosxtorres (6 )

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Bananas by Jon Keegan

Keegan's Bananas, in like-new condition. PLEASE NOTE: I am requesting payment via PayPal Friends and Family

carlosxtorres (6 )

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Turtle Trip

The famous Turtle Trip by Gerard Hudson. Probably one of the best sequential discovery puzzle out there.Its fun and complex (but not too much) with many tools to find, s...

Grognon (1 )

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SELECTED COUNTRIES ONLY: Sanib Limited Color (Black-Orange)

Only 3 copies of this color will be made. This will be the last copy of this version.The goal is to free the Ghost.No banging or due force is needed to solve the puzzle.S...

rexrossanoperez (755 )

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FT1 - Puzzled by Piker

description from designer page:Free the One is a mechanical puzzle with the goal of freeing a single coin. You will need to: carefully observe, press buttons, find tools,...

shacker7 (11 )

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Steam Turbine Puzzle Box by Flar Puzzles

This Steam Turbine puzzle box was created by Flar Puzzles for my personal collection. I am selling due to making more room for other items I am looking to buy to add to m...

Kwaszak (7 )

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Piston by Felix Ure

Up for auction is Piston sequential discovery puzzle by Felix Ure. Has been solved once, and could use a polishing. Actual shipping from the US to be calculated after auc...

Rebel-Yell (33 )

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Broken Crane by Elamite

The Broken Crane"Legend has it this has puzzled the world’s greatest engineers for centuries. No man has been able to fix the crane and collect the treasure! But y...

shacker7 (11 )

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Ice Box - Black Ice version

A very nice sd experience. Along the sd styles of Turtle Trip and Juno, this puzzle will give you a lot of "stuff" inside to work with.Please use Friends and Fa...

LokIKross (71 )

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B. Lock

Boaz's first (

Packer (30 )



Designed by Rex Rossano PerezSearch for Mr. Fring's precious stone to incriminate him with his crime.Price includes PayPal feePrice DOES NOT include the shipping fee.The ...

rexrossanoperez (755 )