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Liberation by Beards Woodshop

This is a beautiful free-the-coin puzzle crafted out of wood by Tyler Williams of Beards Woodshop. Limited to only 20 copies made. This puzzle took me a good long time t...

1pdx503 (7 )

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Tritalon Wil Strijbos

Tritalon Wil StrijbosExcellent Condition never solved or attemptedThis collection was my husbands pride and joy. Sadly he passed away at a very young age (38) I a...

Blunt87 (76 )

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6 cm x 6 cm x 1 cmShipping to be paid by Buyer.Please contact if you require further information.

meryphotos (25 )


Buried Treasury Deluxe version

Description:The Buried Treasury is a medium difficulty SD puzzle / story experience. While it is in the second box in the Buried City world, you do NOT have to have p...

Nonax (11 )



Anodized XYZ interlocking puzzle (beveled)Condition is NewMaterial: Aluminum 6061-T6Dimensions: 3"X3"X3"Weight: 0.22lbs/3.5oz/100gShipped with USPS First C...

Neal55 (2 )

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Stickman Golem in Turquoise w/ 2 hearts

Have to solve and sell to make bills.Full package including two different colored hearts.Please wait until final invoice to pay. International - wise and paypal friends ...

LokIKross (186 )


Hammered Titan by Felix Ure

"Hammered Titan" designed and made by Felix Ure.Based on the Titan puzzle, 2 hours of manual hammering and polishing transform it into the sparkling jewel of ...

AJK (73 )

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Titan - Felix Ure

Titan is an all-brass sphere you need to take apart. Designed by Felix Ure. It's very tricky, and weighty. I bought it in 2020 from the Cubic Dissection website.Postage i...

tomjolly (61 )

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Estergon By Yavuz Demirhan

designed byYavuz Demirhan, Turkeydescriptiona three piece knot boxed in a cube shape with identical holes, the production with different contrasting woods gives the puzzl...

mq1982 (129 )

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NKD Architecto Kit

DescriptionThis is the unopened architecto kit from NKD. I have never opened the kit and hence it will be shiped as it is. If there is anything wrong inside, you'll have ...

Nonax (11 )


Hanayama cuby

This cube, designed by Oskar, a Dutch man, is a maze through which a loop is interwoven. The position of the piece trapped inside can be changed by it being moved in a un...

Dig138 (3 )

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Arcturus Puzzle

Description:A unique and beautiful puzzle box, Arcturus is a baseball size spherical mechanic puzzle. Your goal is to find out how to solve this beautiful puzzle box and ...

Nonax (11 )


Double Tumbler - Jon Keegan

Double Tumbler by Jon Keegan. A challenging puzzle in excellent condition.·         Payment can be made through PayPal.·         Shipping costs will b...

Trapper_1 (23 )


The Core puzzle by Creative Workshop

Description:The CORE is an Escape Room style Sequential Discovery Puzzle Box. The CORE is a VERY challenging puzzle, follow the storyline and the clues/tips provided to d...

Nonax (11 )


Crooked 6 Board Burr #2 - Juno

This is a fun, "what the heck is going on" kind of burr puzzle. If you make the first move from the assembled shape, you will know that this burr is not normal ...

syko159 (11 )

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Plant cycle by Christian Cormier

Plant Cycle by Christian Cormier. Due to personal circumstances I have to sell some puzzles including the awesome Plant Cycle. It is a stunning puzzle. I bought it dire...

Robb8765 (62 )

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3 Wide Bolts

A Mr. Puzzle piece that I have owned for years. I have rarely seen this item sold over the last 6 years that I have owned it, maybe just a dozen times or so as far as I c...

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Jerry Loo Puzzles (Dirty Dozen, Partition, Prototypes)

I'm listing some of the final pieces in my collection. With the aluminum variants available at a much cheaper price, these puzzles will likely only interest a collecto...

TheWaveCarver (9 )


Jigsaw Cube 2 (KW-33-5) - Hideaki Kawashima - KCG

Jigsaw Cube 2 by Hideaki Kawashima of Karakuri Creation Group (KCG)Link to product description - (and box) are in bra...

SgGatts (14 )


Lattice - PM

Made of sturdy blue anodized metal, the Lattice Puzzle is made up of 8 interlocking pieces. This brawny puzzle is surely a handful, quite literally of course, but also ...

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