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Columbus Egg Puzzle from the 1492-1892 Columbian Exposition and Worlds Fair 1893

I know I have been posting a lot of vintage puzzles (over 20 years old is a standard definition), and I have even posted some older puzzles and toys from the 1960s... but...

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Bill Darrah's Raft 5 Puzzle, IPP20 presented by Pavel Curtis

Large (6"x6"), bold, solid puzzle designed by prolific puzzle designer Bill Darrah, manufactured by and used as an exchange puzzle by long-time International Pu...

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Stack-Up 4x4, by Bill Darrah IPP14 2004

Here is one of the first Bill Darrah puzzles I found. As well as, I believe the first time a Bill Darrah designed puzzle appeared at an IPP event. And this one is reachin...

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Sticky Stack of Sticks by Bill Darrah built by Joseph Pelikan, IPP23 2003

No, this is NOT a tall drink coaster... use it to hold your bourbon at your own risk. This is Sticky Stack of Sticks... a slide together puzzle that fits so tightly it to...

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Boob Cube

Boob CubeNostalgic. Vintage. Humorous?The name says it all. Will the cube make a boob out of yoob?Made in USA, 7 pieces in solid hardwood, in original packaging. Cardboar...

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