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Four Cubes crafted by CD

Four Cubes is Kohno Ichiro's follow-up to the brilliant Three Cubes puzzle. This sequel puzzle features two pairs of identically shaped pieces embedded with magnets sim...

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Three Cubes crafted by CD

Three Cubes by Kohno Ichiro is an award-winning design placed in the top 10 2018 IPP Design Competition results. This pocket-sized puzzle is a ton of fun and remains a fa...

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BurrBon crafted by CD

BurrBon is an utterly unique Interlocking Burr Puzzle. What could be better than a six-piece burr? How about a six-piece burr inside another six-piece burr? There are sev...

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Bill’s Ball Bearing Burr crafted by CD

Bill's Ball bearing burr is one of my all-time favorite interlocking puzzles. The normal six-piece assembly is further complicated by the addition of two stainless ball b...

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Stickman Smack-N Moles Bloodwood Version

These whimsical puzzle boxes were originally designed for this year’s IPP puzzle exchange, but had such charm and appeal that they warranted becoming #37 in the officia...

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