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B-Lock is an original puzzle designed by Boaz Feldman. It’s a two stage puzzle lock with a cleaver and unique solution. Shipping cost will be calculated at the end of ...

Corrie12 (18 )

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EASY? by Minoru Abe

Brand New.It costs extra money to handling fee of Paypal(4.5%), and shipping. Payment can be only Paypal. Ship from Tokyo, Japan. (So my English is very poor. I often us...

puzzlotus (42 )


SMS box by Brian Young

<p style="box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0px 0px 1em; padding: 0px; color: #777777; font-family: roboto, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;">Up for auction is ...

ghxost (31 )

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Clown Fish - Tatsuo Miyamoto - Karakuri Club

Hello, I propose the clown fish from Mr Miyamoto out of the Karakuri Club. Like new, in it's original packaging box. Shipping from Belgium, please add 15 euros for ...

merlin2812 (14 )


Flags of France and Luxembourg, IPP37 exchange puzzle

<p>From the set of IPP37 exchange puzzles this is "Flags of France and Luxembourg", manufactured and exchanged by Carlo Gitt.&lt;BR&gt;Create the ...

Puzzle provider (313 )

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special misc. items

Cigar cutter trick lock (a.k.a. Bashful lock), by Charles Tayler (1915 US patent 1136735). A neat novelty lock. Try to pull apart the clasps, it won't budge, but...

monopoles (47 )

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Apricot by Osanori Yamamoto

2020 Design. Brand New, Unopened.PelikanPuzzle version is still not available. Rare Item!https://puzzlewillbeplayed.com/333Box/Apricot/Ship from Tokyo, Japan. (So my Engl...

puzzlotus (42 )


Rubik’s cube in a jar aka impossible bottle

Hello, world . Here I present another my handmade impossible object - a Rubik’s cube in square jar. There are a lot of variations of this kind of patterns . In this c...

Zhengis (0)

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Heart Maze (IPP19 exchange)

Heart Maze was Summerday's exchange puzzle at IPP19 in London, 1999.Produced by Keith Winegar.This is a large (230 x 230 x 15 mm) and beautifully made wooden puzzle...

Puzzle provider (313 )

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SDBBM Excellent condition

It is in excellent condition and comes with orginal bag. Winner pays paypal fees if applicable and shipping. I also take Cash App and Venmo as payment options.

PancakesPK (19 )

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Bolt Action

This is a small sequential discovery puzzle that packs a punch! Comprised of 29 discrete parts, this puzzle is assembled as it is printed for a unique challenge that will...

piramida (9 )

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4 Hanayama Cast Old package version

Hanayama Cast. Ring, Heart,  Coaster and Duet. Unopened. But it deteriorates. (This package is made more than 10 years ago.)Ship from Tokyo, Japan. (So my English is ver...

puzzlotus (42 )


Revenge Lock - Wil Strijbos ( The Wanderer )

An intriguing and hefty metal puzzle lock designed by Wil Strijbos!  The front of the lock bears the name "Revenge Lock", as well as the signature of its desig...

Makkiej (11 )

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STC 213-X2 Coffins Dilemma

Made by Nedeljko woodworks, in very very good condition Shipping calculated at auction end based on location 

Matt1989t (49 )

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Antigoon (morado, wenge)

Antigoon is part of Alfons Eyckmans puzzles designed with a special frame that oscillates around a set of pieces. With 37+15+18+2+9 moves, it is very interesting to disas...

Pio2001 (30 )


Spring Night (Yoh Kakuda)

Hello,This is "Spring Night" Karakuri puzzle box, designed and made by Yoh Kakuda.Below the original description:One night in spring, a frog drinks sake.It'...

Arsenal (31 )


MileStone Puzzle Book Hand Signed

Up for Auction is very special Milestone Puzzle Book by Robert Yarger (Stickman).This is hand signed by Robert Yarger to his Good Friend Eric Fuller.  I acquired this fr...

jsoblander (2 )

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Designed and produced by Roger DSolved a few timesObject:  Move small ball to the lower-right portion of its channelBuyer pays actual shipping from within the United Sta...

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alles roger

Designed and produced by Roger DSolved a few timesObject:  Move small ball in upper-right into the straight channel at the bottomBuyer pays actual shipping from within t...

steedly (19 )

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