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Lock Out

A very solid and clever puzzle lock designed by Andrew Coles.I have done a lot of puzzle locks over the years but this one brought something new and unique to the table t...

165.00 USD
josiah1221 (32 )

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Cutler's Blockhead /SquareFit

Designer: Bill CutlerManufacturer: ThinkFun *discontinued*Condition: like new, works perfectSome info:   + final 4% (5% international) handling costs will be calculate...

25.00 USD
monopoles (37 )

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Strijbos' Aluminum Cross

Designer: Wil StrijbosCondition: essentially new, solved onceSome info: 

95.00 USD
monopoles (37 )

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Hydrant by Stephan Baumegger

<p>IPP38 Design Competition Top 10 Vote Getter.</p> <p>This version is a fully functional 3D printed version.&nbsp;</p>

110.00 EUR
adotsanden (8 )

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TOKAI , IPP31 exchange puzzle

<p>From the set of IPP31 exchange puzzles, this is "TOKAI", designed and exchanged by Takeyuki Endo.</p> <p>Multi color wooden pieces interlo...

100.00 EUR
Puzzle provider (234 )

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metal (spec for buyer)

<p>metal&nbsp;Intersection puzzle (sold to buyer)</p>

200.00 USD
sweetallysik (3 )

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15 Step Extreme Puzzle Lock

The tactile feedback of moving pieces make this a very satisfying solve. It was made to look old but this item is in like new condition and displays very well.2day Shippi...

150.00 USD
Jgmathis116 (9 )

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Aqua Revomaze

<p>Aqua Revomaze with original box. Both are in mint condition.</p>

80.00 USD
josiah1221 (32 )

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The Murr Menagerie, by William Waite

<p class="regular" style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 16px;">An pattern matching and tray packing puzzle,</p> <p class="regular...

10.00 EUR
Puzzle provider (234 )

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Astrolabe, IPP37 exchange puzzle

<p>From the set of IPP37 exchange puzzles this is "Astrolabe", designed, manufactured and exchanged by Dmitry Pevnitskiy.&lt;br&gt;Take apart and ...

20.00 EUR
Puzzle provider (234 )

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Brass Monkey One

<p>Brass Monkey One by Ali &amp; Steve</p> <p>Good condition. Has been solved once.&nbsp;</p> <p>Weight: 800g</p> <p>...

110.00 EUR
grigore07 (18 )

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Conway box de LUX, IPP16 exchange puzzle

<p>From the set of IPP16 exchange puzzles this is "Conway box de LUX".</p> <p>Exchanged by Wil Strijbos.</p> <p>Pack the pieces ...

120.00 EUR
Puzzle provider (234 )

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Corner Cube

Designed and 3D printed by Lee Krasnow. Corner Cube is a six piece puzzle that can be easily disassembled. The real challenge is reassembling it. You'll certainly ha...

15.00 USD
josiah1221 (32 )

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Box Rebellion

Box Rebellion designed by Stewart Coffin and crafted by Eric Fuller in Yellow Canarywood Box and Padauk pieces Excellent Condition and shipped in original packaging from...

90.00 USD
MDashV (0)

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Sequence Cylinder ~ Leontev Aleksandr

This one of a kind unreleased prototype by Leontev Aleksandr is based on the n-ary mechanics of his 205 Minute puzzle. It is his latest design and has only been solved o...

80.00 USD
Rakasis (7 )

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Produced by PuzzleMaster. Triad is made of sturdy and richly colored anodized metal. The puzzle will disassemble into three separate pieces.  The objective is to take it...

10.00 USD
josiah1221 (32 )

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Bill’s Ball Bearing Burr

A copy of “Bill’s Ball Bearing Burr” in great condition (LEGO man and LEGO hamster for scale). Crafted and sold by Eric Fuller in 8.6.2019. Designed by Bill Cutler....

50.00 EUR
JohanW (2 )

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Creeping Block Puzzle , IPP31 exchange puzzle

<p>From the set of IPP31 exchange puzzles, this is "Creeping Block Puzzle" , exchanged by Dirk Weber.</p> <p>Block unit size is 24 mm, tray o...

10.00 EUR
Puzzle provider (234 )

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<p>X TIC Made by Brian Menold Designed by Andrew Crowell.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Level 10 +3 rotations .</p> <p>I can ship ...

160.00 USD
Puzzleplumber (46 )

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Orsi by Tamas Vanyo

<table style="font-family: 'Times New Roman';" width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> ...

61.00 GBP
tsmart (129 )

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