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Three different puzzles

This bundle includes the Schiebung designed by Jurgen Reiche, Cast Box by Akira Yuta and the Saturn Wire puzzle.Please hold on to payment until shipping is added to the t...

57.00 USD
First123 (38 )

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Rademic's hedgehogs

Classic (10 spikes) - anodized aluminumAxis (6 spikes) - stainless steelCondition: essentially new, solved once

195.00 USD
monopoles (6 )

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Cannon, Cage, Barrel, Box (Hoffmann re-creations)

Cannon and ball (Hoffmann II.V) -- by Doug Haigh (Bits&Pieces)Cage and ball (Hoffmann II.IV) -- by Doug Haigh (Bits&Pieces), a.k.a. "Jailbreak"Barrel and bal...

200.00 USD
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Rocky Chiaro keys

Toe-Key-Yo (condition: essentially new, solved once), Boston-Key-Party (condition: as shown, works perfect)Each engraved with designer's signature. Remove the rings...

400.00 USD
monopoles (6 )

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IPP39 exchange lots

This lot contains 5 exchange puzzles from the last IPP 39 in Japan.- I Love Puzzles (Marcel Gillen)Objective: Fit in the letters and the heart into the frame.- Flip Over ...

75.00 GBP
Arsenal (15 )