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Amidakuji - KCG

Amidakuji - Hand-crafted by Sho Sugimoto (Karakuri Creation Group)I got this puzzle from the  KCG lottery in 2023. The puzzle has been solved once and is in perfect c...

Nikbru (23 )

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Spend Me Not

This is number 13 of 100 of Kel Snache's Spend Me Not puzzle box from 2021.It is a beautifully crafted if relatively simple box, designed to hold a credit card or similar...

mq1982 (158 )

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Puzzle Book I - Bill Sheckels

Bill Sheckles Puzzle Book Box 1. I was laid off from my job in June and reluctantly have to sell.In excellent mint condition.Comes from a smoke free home and properly sto...

Wolfyy7 (20 )

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Small Box 1-8 by Karakuri Creation Group

Small Box 1-8 by Karakuri Creation Group Boxes 1-7 have been solved once and put back in packaging with their solution. 8 is just fun to solve and thus has been sol...

tinkarrr (20 )

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I want you to help me! By Karakuri Creation Group

I want you to help me! Idea by Kento Munakata, crafted by Yasuaki Kikuchi and Yoh Kakuda From KCG’s 13th Idea Contest. Measures: 150 x 150 x 75mm Materials...

tinkarrr (20 )

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First Box by Wil Strijbos

First Box by Wil StrijbosPurchased new and only solved a handful of times.  In great shape - basically like new.  Payment in full prior to shipping. PayPal, Venmo, or Z...

Johnnydiaco (6 )

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Expansion (new) by Karakuri

Expansion (new) designed by Akio Kamei, crafted by Karakuri Creation Group Measures: 80 x 80 x 80mm Materials: Maple, Keyaki, Walnut and Black Cherry. https:/...

tinkarrr (20 )

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Something or Nothing by Osamu Kasho

Something or Nothing designed/crafted by Osamu Kasho of KCG Measures: 80 x 80 x 95mm Materials: Walnut, Magnolia, Mizuki and Cherry.

tinkarrr (20 )

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Line Symmetric Traps by Hiroshi Iwahara

Line Symmetric Traps designed/crafted by Hiroshi Iwahara of KCG Measures: 87 x 77 x 61mm Materials: Keyaki and Camphor.

tinkarrr (20 )

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Bean bag drawer 2 by Hiroshi Iwahara (Karakuri club)

I propose my bean bag drawer 2 from Iwahara. Excellent condition. Provide in its original packaging, with the solution included. Shipping 15 euros in europe, 45 euros in ...

merlin2812 (22 )

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STUCK 5 Sun 14 or 21 + 1 Step Koyosegi Japanese Puzzle Box with 5 Yen coin

Up for auction is a  STUCK 5 Sun 14 or 21 + 1 Step Koyosegi Japanese Puzzle Box with 5 Yen coin.  For some reason, I am unable to get this box to open or close complete...

Mike16 (35 )

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Sandfields Dovetail Jewel Box, Designed by Robert Sandfield, crafted by Perry McDaniel, IPP23

Description:Open the box!I saw that normally it should come with a key. I don't have the key, but the puzzle is still solvable!Payment : PayPal (F&F preferred or fees...

Nonax (21 )

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Dwemer Puzzle box by Stickman (Robert Yarger)

Rare puzzle box designed and made by the great Robert Yarger AKA Stickman ! Only 60 copies were created.  From Stickman description: Stickman Dwemer Construct Puzzleb...

Nonax (21 )

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Quaternary Box, Karakuri

Karakuri Quaternary Box. A fun and beautiful puzzle box in pristine condition. Solved once.·         Payment can be made through PayPal.·         Ship...

Trapper_1 (40 )



HexTrios is a collaborative effort between collector Matt Dawson and Eric Fuller. Matt's original design was named Ambidextrous HexDuos, and was two identical boxes th...

jgort (22 )

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Overtime Puzzle Box 2

Up for sale is my Overtime Puzzle Box 2 which apparently contains an additional step from the first version. Not the most challenging puzzle out there, but a fun puzzle ...

chuck_stones (64 )

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6co stich (KW-51) Hideaki Kawashima

Selling my copy of "6co stich" by Hideaki Kawashima, in a perfect condition without flaws.Designer description:Two cubes are removed from a 2x2x2 cube, each loo...

shacker7 (102 )

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Hex Flex - Kagen Sound IPP 2023 Winner

Hate to let this go, but bills never stop. Incredibly smooth to the touch. Looks and works phenomenonly.Please wait for final invoice, with shipping, to pay. Domestic ...

LokIKross (222 )

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Kagen Sound (Schaefer) Dodecahedron Box #30 (of 40)

Original Kagen Sound (Schaefer) Dodecahedron Box.Box 30 (of 40) made in 2004.Awarded Grand Prize and peoples choice awards Tokyo IPP.  All but two of the pentagons rotat...

carlos (1 )


Koneko - Crayonland

Solved twice in like new condition. Please wait for invoice with shipping before paying. PPFF please. 

traviscote (23 )


Lunar Lighthouse

Lunar Lighthouse designed by Joseph Kovell is a fun moderate difficulty 3D-printed puzzle. This version is made by Puzzle Master and comes with the puzzle card. Puzzle ha...

mauhler31 (37 )