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Pair O Dice

Description from the creators:This is a sequential discovery puzzle that goes across 2 separate 65mm dice. There are approximately 20+ steps and several tools to be found...

scotttheman88 (1 )

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The Lost Vault of Jesse James (Limited Edition, metal infused PLA)

Limited Edition #374/500Solved once and fully reset. Puzzle is complete as new and shipped in original packaging.The metal-infused version is no longer available for pu...

scotttheman88 (1 )

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Dislocation by Martin Raynsford

This is a sequential take apart puzzle with multiple steps and ciphers - you must solve various steps to progress, and then make discoveries to move forward - A card is i...

RyanSinatra (80 )

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Houdini‘s Torture Cell by Brian Young

Houdini‘s Torture Cell by Brian Young (Mr Puzzle Australia)Some cracks in the Acrylic cover (see Photos)

Dorothea (0)

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Bomb Destroyer by Andriy Bruns

How do I do this puzzle justice? In every way, it's quite the remarkable puzzle.Bruns came up with the idea for the mechanism at one point, and then set it aside in a hur...

Xamuel (42 )

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SDTV by James Fortune

SDTV is a puzzle with the rare honor of belonging to 2 puzzle genres at once. As a burr/SD hybrid, it provides a fantastic experience that burr fans and SD fans will love...

Xamuel (42 )

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Ternion by Ryan Sinatra

Ternion is a fantastic SD puzzle printed by rsintras from MPD.I loved how it had multiple puzzles from distinct genres and it kept me guessing what would come next. I can...

Xamuel (42 )

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CORE - Kind of rare MultiColor!

The CORE - Escape Room style Sequential Discovery Puzzle - 3D PrintedThe Story:A scientist developed a quantum microchip and lock it up in "The CORE", would you...

Thinkingfin (25 )


Lock in Pin

Lock in pin by BeardswoodshopCo is a sequential discovery puzzle and requires multiple steps to remove the coin.Wait to pay until after shipping has been calculated. If y...

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Pachinko Box - Wil Strijbos

I need to free up some puzzle funds so I'm offering my Pachinko Box #328 by Wil Strijbos.Feel free to ask any questions.Shipping costs (incl. tr...

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