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Roger D - Lighter and Propeller

I want to sell these two Roger D puzzles.Propeller - Goal is to "spin the propeller free around"Lighter - Goal is to "Remove the flame"While Propeller...

username (31 )

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Magestic 4 by Alfons Eyckmanns

Hello,I want to sell Majestic 4 which was designed anc crafted by Alfons Eyckmanns.He used Moabi and Beech for the frame, Padouk for the sliders and Wenge for the small s...

P0diceps (12 )

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Jack in a Box Jesse Born

Jack in a box by Jesse BornThis is a “scratch and dent” version jesse had mentioned in one of his videos. The puzzle is completely solve able and only has minor defec...

rj11645 (0)

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PIME #4/30 limited series, the Mechanical Painting Puzzle called The Turtle

PIME #4/30 limited series, the Mechanical Painting Puzzle called "The Turtle", directly from the designer.You can hang it on the wall!Description:75 moves wil...

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A:MAZE by abhishekruikar

This is surprisingly unique among puzzles where there isn't anything that you need to deduce or puzzle out. It's just a clear acrylic path that you need to manipulate a s...

Xamuel (26 )

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“18 Again” by Kel Snake!!

Ah, to be 18 again, to turn back the clock to replay it over again.  This puzzle design mimics that sentiment by being able to reset the combination and hopefully extend...

jsoblander (5 )

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SanMay Puzzle by Takeyuki Endo

One a few duplicates I am selling.Another beautifully crafted puzzle from Takeyuki Endo.This one comes new and sealed in it's original packaging. ..Selling for about the ...

Steve (51 )


Springs Mistress

 " SPRING'S MISTRESS" This Puzzle is a Take apart and  Interlocking PuzzleDon't let this pretty flower fool you, It may let you get it apart but will you get...

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