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1 to 3 Heart by Minoru Abe

Brand New.------------------------------------------------------------------------Ship from Tokyo, Japan. (So my English is very poor, sorry)Payment mothod Paypal pr Wis...

puzzlotus (233 )


aMAZEing Puzzle Box

Very fun Lego puzzle. Very sturdy and smooth operation! Original owner, solved once and reset. Comes with original packaging and papers. First image is stock photo as I d...

StacyS (91 )

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Revomaze Mini

Revomaze mini (blue maze) in its wonderful box

Dorothea (0)

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Revomaze blue obs professional in Red Metal Sleeve

This one is a blue obs professional core (you will find out) in a nice red metal sleeveNo certificate enclosed.

Dorothea (0)

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Half Hour Variant by Stewart Coffin

Half Hour is an assembly puzzle with only one possible way to pack the pieces into a cube and it's named such because it takes the average solver half an hour to find tha...

Xamuel (42 )

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Psycho Discs by Eric Fuller

Psycho Discs is a puzzle that doubles as a fidget toy as one tries to navigate the hidden maze inside. Plates spin all around as the solver struggles to divine a path thr...

Xamuel (42 )

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Card Case by Juno plus Parkour by 1c4us

Card Case is a lovely hidden maze puzzle where solvers need to navigate a maze that they can only see the edges of while sliding a red slider back and forth. Juno's craft...

Xamuel (42 )

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Circles & Squares by Tom Lensch

Circles & Squares is a ingenious twist on the classic slider puzzle where instead of ordering #1 through 15, the solver has to line up the lines and curves to make a ...

Xamuel (42 )

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Cubloc-S by Stephan Baumegger

What can I say about this puzzle other than how diabolical of a burr it is!!! It loves to lure you down promising paths only to laugh at you when you slam your face into ...

Xamuel (42 )

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Godzila by Chomine

Godzila is an interesting zoo burr. It's designed around an animal that has never existed (despite an entire franchise working to convince movie fans otherwise!), has mul...

Xamuel (42 )

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Snail by Pelikan

Pelikan has a reputation for producing impeccably crafted puzzles, but the puzzles have always been designed by others. Snail (as the sequel to Turtles) is proof that the...

Xamuel (42 )

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Sher-Lock - A Notched Trifecta by Girish Sharma

What can I say here? It's yet another fantastic puzzle crafted by CD in gorgeous woods and the puzzle is a lock burr with an incredible 3 challenges depending on how the ...

Xamuel (42 )

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IPP19 Tiger Triple Teaser Abel Garcia

IPP 19 Exchange Puzzle from Abel Garcia, London 1999Consists of three sizes of Tiger Puzzles puzzle is in a resealable bag but has never been opened so is in excellent co...

simondickerson (1 )

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Euro-Falle 08

Euro-Falle 08 remove the coin by Siebenstein Spiele. Brand new, still in packaging! The 8th in the series!Prefer PayPal Friends and Family, otherwise, 2.5% fee plus shipp...

StacyS (91 )


Waiter’s Tray

Waiter’s Tray by Constantin. I believe this is a N-Ary type puzzle. Comes as shown in great like new condition. These are still available retail so don’t overbid!Frie...

StacyS (91 )

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Castle Builder Set

Castle Builder Set designed by Tamas Vanyo and crafted by PelikanWith this puzzle the fun is almost endless. Mint condition. Please note: I am the original buyer and Pel...

Alfonso (48 )

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Wasserhahn (Water Tap) - Roger D

Roger D’s very cool Water Tap puzzle. In excellent condition ready for the next owner to reveal its secrets.The object of this is puzzle is to get the water(ball) out o...

shacker7 (47 )

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Trick Bolt

The Trick Bolt  is made from Aluminium , This is a fun little puzzle that isn't too challenging to solve and   it's a key ring too Of course, once you’ve figured th...

YassCherry (42 )


Scriptum Cube - NKD

**Relisted to cost of kit and finish**Scriptum Cube by NKDThis puzzle box is my favorite of the NKD puzzle boxes - a perfect 6x6 cube with a great Greek Mythology theme. ...

SgGatts (4 )