Guidance & Rules


This page details various information and rules relating to the use of this site for both buyers and sellers.

In order to use the site, registration for an account is required by selecting "Sign Up" at top of the page. If browsing on a mobile device or small window size then this can be found in the menu (three horizontal lines) in the top left of the page. Each account will be manually approved, so there may be a short delay between registering and an account becoming active. By registering for an account and/or using this site you are acknowledging and agreeing to any rules stated below - these may be added to and/or modified from time to time, so please check occasionally to stay up to date.

All decisions made by the site's administrators are final.


Due to the nature of the site, it is expected that...

If this is found not to be the case, the account may be temporarily suspended or removed without notice.

User Rating/Feedback System

The site operates a rating and feedback system, similar to other well-known auction sites. It is up to users to use this information to guide their bidding/purchasing decisions.


The seller is solely responsible for the content of their listings, including (but not limited to) the item title, description and accompanying images or diagrams.
It is expected that the information a seller provides for listing should be accurate and as complete as possible to best of their knowledge or abilities.
Any listing found to have information that is misleading or misrepresenting (in terms of size, quality, function, completeness etc.) may be removed without notice and the seller's account temporarily or permanently suspended.
It is advised that expected shipping costs are stated in the listing description or state that they will be calculated after the auction has ended to avoid any confusion that shipping may be included in the final bid amount.
Sellers are expected to honour completed listings - the reserve and anti-snipe features should ensure that the item achieves the fair price. Not honouring the sale and/or re-listing in an attempt to achieve a higher price is not permitted and may result in the account being suspended or removed.

While not prohibited, selling pre-orders is discouraged.

Payment Methods

The recommended payment method is PayPal.
As a seller, if you do not accept PayPal as a payment method and select the "Other" option, you must clearly state in the auction description what the accepted payment methods are (eg. Cash on collection/exchange; Direct bank transfer; Wise; etc.).
If you fail to do so and the buyer subsequently cannot/will not use your alternative method they can cancel the transaction without consequence.


Shipping is to be arranged between buyer and seller post-auction. As a buyer, if you have questions relating to shipping methods or combining shipping for multiple items, it is recommended that you contact the seller for information.
It is not recommended that the seller ships any items before full payment is made by the buyer.


During the listing process, the seller must select one or more categories to identify the item. If you are unsure which category to use, please refer to Jerry Slocum's Classification for guidance.

Types of Listing

The site allows for two types of listing: "auction" and "product":

Buying Details

Placing a bid on an item or using the "Buy Out" or "Make Offer" functions should be considered as a commitment and as such, buyers are expected to honour the bid or agreed amount.
Buyers are expected to communicate with the seller and complete payment in full within 5 days (120 hours) of the auction end unless agreed otherwise with the seller. Failure to do so will be considered as a failure to honour the sale. Buyers who do not honour the sale of an item through lack of payment will be permanently suspended from using the site. 

Bid retraction is not permitted.

Make Offer

The "Make Offer" function can be added to an auction listing as an option. It allows a buyer to make an immediate offer on the item. At point of listing, the seller can provide a acceptable range. If an offer is outside of the specified range, it is automatically rejected. If an offer is within the specified range, the seller can then choose to either reject the offer or accept the offer to trigger immediate sale of the item.

Offers can be made and accepted irrespective of whether there is already a bid on an item.

Buy Out

The "Buy Out" function can be added to an auction listing as an option. It allows a buyer to immediately purchase the item for the specified price. If a bid had been placed on an item, the Buy Out function will be disabled.

Anti-snipe Feature

The site operates an anti-snipe feature where the duration of an auction will be extended by 24 hours if a new bid is placed within the final 24 hour period for that listing. If a seller wishes to, they may disable this feature for their listing - this, however, is not advised. If the feature is disabled, this is not automatically shown on the listing and it is therefore strongly advised that the seller note this in their listing description.

Proxy Bidding

This site uses proxy bidding. As such, a buyer can place a maximum bid but the active bid will be set at the minimum amount required to become the new high bidder by one bid increment (see below). If the amount bid is not sufficient to become the active bid then the new active bid will become one bid increment above the second highest bid.

Item Reserve

If a seller wishes, they can specify a reserve price for an auction listing. If the high bid fails to reach or exceed this amount prior to the auction ending then the auction closes with the item unsold. As with all other site functions, there are no fees with using this option.
Note to sellers: at the end of the listing process, the reserve price will be shown in the listing preview. When the listing goes live, the reserve amount will be hidden.

Bid Increments

The current default bid increments are specified below. The values used are the same regardless of the seller's choice of currency for an item.

FromToMinimum Increment

Setup Fees & Vouchers

This site allows both buyers and sellers to use it for free (we don't make a profit, indeed we don't even break even!). As such, please ignore any mention of fees or vouchers relating to the site.
Your chosen payment service (eg. PayPal) may still charge you in the normal way for currency exchange etc.

Post Sale Issues & Disputes

This site operates as a platform for buyers and seller to meet and interact - we have no direct interaction with any of the items being sold or any monetary transactions. Buyers and sellers are expected to communicate to organise the completion of a sale/purchase and also to resolve any issues. In cases where parties are unable to resolve a dispute, we can attempt to mediate. However, typically the only action we can force is to suspend a user from further participation if they are found to be in the wrong and the issue warrants such action. Under no circumstances will we be held liable for recovery/replacement of items or recovery/reimbursement of funds.

If you still have any questions regarding the use / rules, please Contact Us.