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BurrBon by Cubicdissection

Selling my copy of Burrbon! The goal is to put the small baby burr, inside the Mamma Burr! Individually they are relatively easy but putting them together proves reasonab...

StacyS (26 )

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H Burr by Junichi Yananose(Juno)

Designed by Junichi Yananose. (He is called Juno. He is owner of "Pluredro" Puzzle shop) Invented in 2001.Brand New. Size: 8.4×8.4×8.4cmMaterials: Aluminum-...

puzzlotus (132 )

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Pepper Castor

Pepper Castor puzzle designed by Alexander Magyarics and produced by Pelikan. Produced in Zebrano and Padauk woods. Shipping at actual cost from the US. No PayPal Fees.Pr...

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Rotator - Tom Jolly by CubicDissection

Here’s Eric’s description:“Tom is well known for his cube puzzles with tricky rotations. His latest is a three piece assembly with a very reasonable level 6.6 solut...

Louyvon (19 )

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Lancelot - Stephane Chomine (2012) by Pelikan

This is a really nice puzzle with a somewhat high move count with only six pieces!Level - 13-3-12-5Shipping cost to be determined at close of auction.

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Triple Croix - Jean-Paul Pierlot by Maurice Vigouroux for Arteludes

This 18-piece burr is very nicely crafted by Maurice!Level - cost to be determined at close of auction.

Louyvon (19 )

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Modification of Burr B - Edward Hordem by Maurice VIGOUROUX for ARTELUDES

This is a very nicely crafted 6-piece burr puzzle by Maurice and from what I can ascertain it’s a modification of Peter Marineau’s ‘Piston Burr’ raising the level...

Louyvon (19 )

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THE 36 by Chun Keung LEUNG by Maurice VIGOUROUX for ARTELUDES

This is a very nicely crafted puzzle by Maurice, and not for the faint of heart!Here’s the description from Arteludes:“The only burr36 that we knew and had made was J...

Louyvon (19 )

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Ambigram Burr - Greg Benedetti by Pelikan

This is a really nice design by Greg and expertly crafted by Pelikan, please see Allard’s Blog for a full review.Shipping to be determined at close of auction.http://al...

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Kevin’s Burr - Jose Diaz by CubicDissection

Here’s Eric’s description from CubicDissection:“Designed for Kevin Sadler by Jose, this beautiful puzzle displays elegantly and is reminiscent of Bill Cutler's exce...

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Dicey Box - Bill Darrah by Mr.Puzzle/Brian Young

Dicey Box 12 piece wooden burr puzzleHere’s Mr.Puzzle’s original description:Edward Hordern IPP27 Puzzle Exchange – Gold Coast, Australia. August 2007.  200 made.P...

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Tornado Burr - Juno by Mr.Puzzle/Brian Young

Tornado Burr 12 piece puzzleSold out 2008 Limited Edition Set of 30.This awesome puzzle ships disassembled so a stock photo was used and it’s in mint condition!Here’s...

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Gold Hanayama UFO +more

Highly limited edition (no longer available) gold version of Vesa Timonen's UFO, a partnership between Hanayama and a Japanese magazine "mu monthly".Additio...

monopoles (53 )

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Juno 6BB Prototype/Test copy

Selling our prototype/test copy of Juno 6BB Ver #1. I believe there were 2 others made. We have the production version now so selling this as part of our Charity Auction ...

StacyS (26 )

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Dwarf Planet D

Selling our Dwarf Planet D from Mr Puzzle. Made of clear acrylic. Pleasing movements but not as easy as it looks! All proceeds for my auctions this month going to Cystic ...

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Antigoon (morado, wenge)

Antigoon is part of Alfons Eyckmans puzzles designed with a special frame that oscillates around a set of pieces. With 37+15+18+2+9 moves, it is very interesting to disas...

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