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FengHuang Type-II - MINE

FengHuang Type-II is a coin release puzzle designed and crafted by MINE (Mineyuki Uyematsu).Payment via Wise / Paypal.Wise is appreciated as F&F is not available to ...

shacker7 (23 )

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Columbus Egg Puzzle from the 1492-1892 Columbian Exposition and Worlds Fair 1893

I know I have been posting a lot of vintage puzzles (over 20 years old is a standard definition), and I have even posted some older puzzles and toys from the 1960s... but...

MonkeyPuzz (84 )

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B:Maze is the second puzzle in the maze series after A:Maze. It is a multi-level transparent 3D maze. The challenge of the puzzle is to manoeuvre the ball through the 2.9...

abhishekruikar (24 )