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Inelegant Soma and Somama by Haym Hirsh

These are 2 fantastic puzzles designed by Haym Hirsh and crafted by Wood Wonders.  Listing them below retail and adding in a bonus stand for inelegant soma as well.Inele...

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Three, Four + Five Cubes by Kohno Ichiro, Crafted by Eric Fuller

Three Cubes, Four Cubes & Five Cubes by Kohno Ichiro (Crafted by Eric Fuller / Cubic Dissection) 3 beautifully made and fun puzzles. The craftsmanship is superb, as...

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KEN IRVINEShipping to be paid by Buyer.Please contact if you require further information.

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Heart Box by Mowens ❤️

HEART BOX❤️❤️❤️! 0 glue, 17 parts, and ~30 moves to open! Its like half assemble/disassemble and once assembled, an sequential discovery.The puzzle will come...

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Penultimate Burr Box Set Puzzle Box

For sale is a limited edition The Penultimate Burr Set by Eric Fuller.This set of 27 numbered pieces combines to make hundreds of puzzles, from fairly simple solid assem...

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NKD Architecto Kit

DescriptionThis is the unopened architecto kit from NKD. I have never opened the kit and hence it will be shiped as it is. If there is anything wrong inside, you'll have ...

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T Burr interlocking puzzle from IPP29 made by Brian Young (Mr. Puzzle)

Here is my IPP 29 exchange puzzle designed by myself and Brian Young (Mr. Puzzle).  I have known Brian for many years as we live close to each other and he introduced m...

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Jerry Loo Puzzles (Dirty Dozen, Partition, Prototypes)

I'm listing some of the final pieces in my collection. With the aluminum variants available at a much cheaper price, these puzzles will likely only interest a collecto...

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Lattice - PM

Made of sturdy blue anodized metal, the Lattice Puzzle is made up of 8 interlocking pieces. This brawny puzzle is surely a handful, quite literally of course, but also ...

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