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Pi Box (Jesse Born)

One of Jesse’s earlier designs.  Yosemite pattern on the lid.  Happy bidding. Shipping should be roughly £15 EU and £20 international.

1,073.00 GBP
tsmart (104 )

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Pre order: Mindanao


63.00 USD
rexrossanoperez (159 )



The first step annoyed me, so it’s time to go to a new home.  Shipping should roughly be £13 for EU £17 internat

215.00 GBP
tsmart (104 )

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Strijbos' Pachinko

Designer: Wil StrijbosCondition: essentially new, solved onceSome info: 

1,100.00 USD
monopoles (2 )

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Hat Trick

This is the Hat Trick Puzzle designed by Laszlo Molnar and made by Brian Menold. This puzzle won Top 10 Vote Getters at IPP39 in Japan. This wood version is the Purple He...

97.00 USD
First123 (36 )

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DanLock Model B

Happy biddingApprox. shipping £13 EU; 17 international

110.00 GBP
tsmart (104 )

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Lolly Box (Alfons Eyckmans/Eric Fuller)

See Eric's description below.  This is one of only two copies made with solid ebony sticks.This item is from my personal collection; I'm clearing out some spac...

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tsmart (104 )

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Oskar's Matchboxes

Description: Fabricated by Eric Fuller at Cubic Dissection. Oskar's Matchboxes has five dissimilar pieces consist of an outer box and inner tray cleverly glued tog...

105.00 USD
chrislinnick (3 )

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Big Quadrox (Pelikan/Stéphane Chomine)

BIG QUADROXDesigner: Stéphane ChomineThis puzzle measures: 72 mm x 72 mm x 84 mmMaterial: Wenge, Padouk, Acacia, Purpleheart and CherryMoves: 50 ( Sadler ...

92.00 GBP
tsmart (104 )

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Autobahnkreuz 1 (Yavuz Demirhan)

An 8 piece burr where all pieces are identical.  Level I think from the packaging it was made by Pelikan, but not 100% sure.95x95x60mmHappy biddingApprox. ...

110.00 GBP
tsmart (104 )

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Strijbos' Heart in Heart

Designer: Wil StrijbosCondition: essentially new, solved onceSome info: 

180.00 USD
monopoles (2 )

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Spade, Club, Diamond, Heart

Halve a heart, Diamond Engagement, Join the club, S’paid in fullScott Elliott designed these before “Diamond Engagement” was picked up by Hanayama! (Colored version...

125.00 USD
monopoles (2 )

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Heart Case - Juno (sequential discovery puzzle)

Heart Case by Junichi Yananose is the 3rd puzzle of the trump card serie puzzle made by Pluredro.It was also their 3rd sequential discovery puzzle under this brandname af...

263.00 EUR
Augustin (5 )

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Clamped Cubes (Wenge, small)

The Clamped Cubes were designed by Emil Askerli in 2017 and immediately caught the attention of puzzle makers. After Eric Fuller's version, Maurice Vigouroux propose...

39.00 EUR
Pio2001 (12 )


Marcel Gillen's Fire Plug

Designer: Marcel Gillen (Bits&Pieces)Condition: as shown, works greatSome info: 

200.00 USD
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Tabula Cube(Yavuz Demirhan)

For those of you that can't wait for the Cubicdissection release.

35.00 GBP
tsmart (104 )

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Lancelot (Stephane Chomine)

A 3 piece frame for three burr sticks.  Level  I think it was crafted by Pelikan but not 100% sure.90x90x90mmHappy biddingApprox. shipping £13 EU; 17 intern...

65.00 GBP
tsmart (104 )

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Remove the yolk

This is a great "free the coin" puzzle by Robrecht Louage. Minor wear thats barely visible.*winner pays 4% paypal fees*international shipping will be determine...

45.00 USD
Jgmathis116 (2 )

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Euklid for kids by Dr. Volker Latussek

Euklid for Kids is one of those packing puzzles that first seems easy with 3 beautiful wooden cuboids, to be packed into a box with a restricted opening, how hard can tha...

35.00 EUR
Makkiej (1 )

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Clive Cube (Simon Nightingale)

This puzzle was designed and made by Simon Nightingale for the IPP 17 in San Francisco (23 years ago).The puzzle is in almost new condition.The objective is taking the pu...

190.00 GBP
Arsenal (13 )