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IPP PUZZLE OF THE YEAR 2013Designed by Goh Pit KhiamFit all 5 pieces inside the partially covered tray.Price includes paypal feePrice DOES NOT include shipping fee.Shippi...

rexrossanoperez (326 )


Clown Fish - Tatsuo Miyamoto - Karakuri Club

Hello, I propose the clown fish from Mr Miyamoto out of the Karakuri Club. Like new, in it's original packaging box. Shipping from Belgium, please add 15 euros for ...

merlin2812 (14 )


Jadimex Danny (wenge with sapwood)

A simple burr puzzle with only 7 moves.Reassembly should be done with the help of a diagram (not provided) or with Burrtools, though.Moves: 7.Assemblies: 158, 1 solution....

Pio2001 (30 )


Limited SDBBB

Juno’s highly sought after Sequential Discovery puzzle. This puzzle is in excellent condition. Only 40 limited copies were made but not to be missed for the clever solv...

First123 (52 )

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Wooden Tricky Sake Cup (Naoaki Takashima)

Hello,This is Naoaki Takashima's exchange puzzle in IPP31 Berlin.The objective is : Fill the cup once and then empty it twice.UK Shipping : £7. EU shipping : £20....

Arsenal (30 )


Separate Balls (Toyo Glass)

Hello,This is one of the rarer Toyo Glass puzzles (hasn't seemed to appear in any auctions before ?).The objective is putting the coloured balls in 4 separate compar...

Arsenal (30 )


Jewel Thief - Jon Keegan

Jewel Thief By Jon  Keegan. Aluminium and Brass sequential discovery puzzle. Good condition with original box.61/100Winning Buyer to cover shipping and PayPal fees. To b...

Jm26rob (8 )

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Vagabond (Toyo Glass)

Hello,This is one of the rarer Toyo Glass puzzles (sold for $240 in Baxter's auction).The goal of this dexterity puzzle is to roll one of the two marbles to the top ...

Arsenal (30 )


Antigoon (morado, wenge)

Antigoon is part of Alfons Eyckmans puzzles designed with a special frame that oscillates around a set of pieces. With 37+15+18+2+9 moves, it is very interesting to disas...

Pio2001 (30 )


Big Ben

Big Ben is a very good sequential discovery puzzle with tools to discovered and used to solve. When you play with this puzzle, you'll see many clever "Aha!"...

First123 (52 )

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Revomaze Blue V1

For sale Revomaze V1 Blue. Bought in 2010 and opened once. Slight spots of discolouration.Shipping cost for buyer

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2 Puzzles. Hand Signed!! Milestone Book and SnowFlake! by Robert Yarger

Auction is for two pieces!!! Selling to buy something else :) don’t miss this opportunity!! One of a kind!!! - Milestone Puzzle Book by Robert Yarger (Stickman) Hand S...

jsoblander (1 )

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Plant Cycle - Christian Cormier

Plant Cycle - Christian Cormier. Good condition. Supplied with original reset tool. Number #021 Winning Buyer to cover postage and PayPal fees to be confirmed at aucti...

Jm26rob (8 )

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3D printed burr puzzle designed by Rex Rossano PerezLevel:*THAILANDNOTE:1. Successful buyers, please send me a PM of your confirmed address

rexrossanoperez (326 )


Pre order: SELECTED COUNTRIES ONLY: Gelo-1102 (Bronze cage/Grey Pieces)

3D printed burr puzzle designed by Oleg Smol'yakovPrice DOES NOT include shipping fee.Shipping and Handling FeeShipping fee1-250grams - 954php250-500grams- 1614php5...

rexrossanoperez (326 )


Haleslock 2

Haleslock 2 by Shane Hales. I will calculate shipping after the auction is closed and add it to the final cost. Venmo is my preferred method of payment but PayPal is fin...

Corrie12 (17 )

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Wakeful by Rex Rossano Perez

This is a very interesting and quite tricky packing puzzle that requires good planning. As well as the restricted opening on the top there are some very interesting cut o...

mq1982 (31 )

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Zougan Art crafted by Mr. Uchida.

This is a beautiful work of Zougan Art crafted by Mr. Uchida.Measures approximately 14.17 x 8.15 x .1 inches (360 x 207 x 2 mm), this piece profiles a traditional floral ...

Mike16 (5 )

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Vintage Japanese Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle (New condition)

Very unique JIGSAW puzzle straight from Hakone, Japan.Measures 6.67 x 5 x .4 inchesPuzzle pieces made of wood and will arrive with gift box.Payment is accepted through Pa...

Mike16 (5 )

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Cassiopeia Puzzle Box

A puzzle box created by Akio Kamei.Contains the original mechanism inside.Challenge: open the boxDifficulty level: 7 out of 10Condition: perfectMaterials: walnut and magn...

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