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Complete Hanayama

Letting go of my collection (~$1400 over time including tax/shipping). Thank you all for the memories! They are effectively in NEW condition, taken straight out of box a...

monopoles (57 )


Stickman 36: Keep Locked #22/52

Rob Yarger's 36th puzzle box, Keep Locked. Excellent Condition.For more information, see his website:

bucketon (29 )

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Level 12 Chuck Puzzle (864 pieces)

This is a 3d printed Chuck PuzzleIt's about 144mm x 144mm x 144mm, but it sits a bit taller in the stand.The puzzle's fitment is very good.  Not too tight, not too loose...

windex42 (0)

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First Box by Wil Strijbos

First Box by Wil StrijbosPurchased new and only solved a handful of times.  In great shape - basically like new.  Payment in full prior to shipping. PayPal, Venmo, or Z...

Johnnydiaco (5 )

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Sweet Lock - Chris C. Puzzle

This is #91 Sweet Lock crafted and designed by Chris C.Info of the puzzle :Blind Maze / SD / LockDifficulty 10/10 or 80/100Sold outPrice 950 CADLimited edition of 100 all...

Aurelo83 (31 )

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Snail by Pelikan

Selling my copy of Snail, designed and crafted by Pelikan Puzzles. The puzzle is in perfect condition.Kevin Sadler wrote about it:“This is the second of the puzzles d...

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Inelegant Soma and Somama by Haym Hirsh

These are 2 fantastic puzzles designed by Haym Hirsh and crafted by Wood Wonders.  Listing them below retail and adding in a bonus stand for inelegant soma as well.Inele...

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Dino 2 - designed by Alfons Eyckmans, made by Pelikan

Selling my copy of Dino 2 zoo burr designed by Alfons Eyckmans and crafted with very high precision by Pelikan Puzzles.This is an intermediate level burr and should be a ...

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Piano box

Piano box from Jean Claude Constantin,  SD box with wise tricks and nice object.Solved just one time, mint condition.Kept out of direct sunlight, no animals and no smoke...

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Another fun SD from Rex Rossano Perez.All working ,no scratches.Very shiny acrylic finish.Rectangular shadow on the images is the phone.Shipping extra.

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Designed by Stephan Baumegger and Crafted by PelikanPerfect Condition. Comes from a smoke free home and properly stored.Will package with a collector in mind for shipping...

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T9 Popplock by Rainer Popp

Rainer Popp's description "T9 is an elaborate trick lock with many steps to open. It has a key, and is made from brass and s...

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Big Ben (by John, Juno & Brian)

„Big Ben“ Sequential Discovery Puzzle. By John Moores, Juno (Junichi Yananose) & Brian Young (Mr. Puzzle).In London 2014 it was John Moores IPP Exchange puzzle.W...

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The Antikythera Tablets

The Antikythera Tablets are a series of mechanical puzzles in tablets form stored inside a wooden puzzle box, puzzle by Martin Raynsford. Mint conditions.Hard puzzle (for...

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Loki s box of tricks

Loki's box of tricks is a puzzle box by Martin Raynsford,  you have to open the box and then solve several puzzles and ciphers. It is the "hard" version with ...

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Fidget Cone - Black and Gold

You can push through, bounce it in and out, invert it, and even pull the sleeve up and make it spin like a top.Printed on my Bambu printer farm with Archimedal Coils to c...

LokIKross (203 )


Ghost Cube Mefferts Adam

This collection was my husbands pride and joy. Sadly he passed away at a very young age (38) I am now in the right place to start letting his puzzles go to their new ho...

Blunt87 (79 )

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Rhino designed by Theo Geerinck and crafted by Pelikan Puzzles.This is a cool take apart puzzle that is quite complex and a lot trickier than you would think! It is in mi...

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Designed by Stewart Coffin and crafted by SolitudeSummitWW.This is a stunning piece of work! The craftsmanship is perfection and the Lignum Vitae and Canary sapwoods are ...

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Waltzing Whales

Pelikan puzzle in Perfect condition! Beautiful woods! Non smoking, non pet home. Sold out at Pelikan!Accept PayPal, Zelle, Wise, etcAsking F&F payment otherwise buyer...

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